CJ Internet Introduces a Proprietary System for Web-based Games

CJ Internet held the '2010 Marbleution' press conference to reveal its proprietary browser exclusively for web browser game, Marble Box, and unified game launcher, Marble Station.

CJ Internet held the '2010 Marbleution' press conference to reveal its proprietary browser exclusively for web browser game, Marble Box, and unified game launcher, Marble Station.

Marbleution is a new platform development project to target a global gaming market. Whon Namkong, CEO of CJ Internet, explained that Marble Box and Marble Station show "our commitment to changes by experimenting with new platforms and publishing business models. The online games have changed a lot last 10 years and a game portal need to change along with the market needs."

These are summaries from Q&A session at the conference.

Marble Box - Optimized Browser for Web-based Game

Q: On Marble Box

A: Marble Box is a web browser just like IE, Firefox, or Chrome. It is optimized to play browser-based games.

Q: On Marble Box Features

A: Marble Box features an easy access to multiple browser-based games, account management, a user-friendly chat rooms, various short-cuts for frequently used actions, and alert system.

Q: On Compatibility with Non-Marble Games

A: Marble Box will allow to play any browser-based games including other portals'.

Q: On Service Launch

A: The project is currently in an alpha stage. We plan to launch within the first half of the year.

Marble Station - Open Platform Unified Game Launcher

Q: On Marble Station

A: Marble Station is a client-based unified game launcher that allows to play not only CJ Internet-serviced games but also other portals'. Our goal is to develop a launcher that manages execution, update, and payment.

Q: On Playing Other Game Portal's Game

A: You can say it is a form of 'channeling.' Less limitations though. Marble Station will launch any games that meet the Marble Station's standard such as login and payment system. It will be an open platform unified game launcher.

Q: On Comparison with a Web Launcher

A: Marble Station will be less hassle because it doesn't require any ActiveX installation or webpage to launch a game. It also manages update and download.

Marble Station provides a single account to play multiple games and an easy-to-use payment system. It will feature pre-download and new service alert service unlike web launcher.

Marble Station will play a critical role in CJ Internet's game business in the future.

Q: On Its Complexity

A: You may think it would be a hassle to use Marble Station that requires a client download and installation. But it is more preferred in the western market. We plan to focus on user education and find efficient distribution channels.

Q: On Revenue Share Model

A: We haven't decided on how exactly we execute the revenue share with other game portals but it will be set on a reasonable level.

Q: On Marble Station Replacing NetMarble Web Portal

A: Not necessarily Marble Station will replace its current NetMarble. We have to consider our current users and their convenience as well.

Q: On Future Plan

A: We expect to reveal a test version by May and then start a service in the global market by July.

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