Cinematics, cut-scenes, and storytelling.

How can designers and developers keep players immersed during cut-scenes. Storytelling and interaction to keep the players involved.

I was reading this article ,GDC: Online "The hand of Fate", and it got me thinking. As a Inspiring Designer and an avid gamer, how many times have you "Skipped" to the end of a cut-scene or movie? I normally watch a majority of them but if they drag on, or im not really invested in the game. I will skip ahead and get back to the game. Most of the time that's because, its not interactive, and I'm quite frankly losing interest.


Mass Effect, KOTOR, SWTOR, and other similar games give you a choice or some sort of interactivity during these story episodes of dialogue, tell this guy off, agree, help him, etc, etc... It may not be much but it keeps me focused and lets me know "Hey your interaction is wanted and is important to us". Otherwise its: Oh cool story or bathroom break.


How can Game Designers make this happen less? As a gamer how many times have you skipped over a cut-scene? Was it because you just don't care about the story, or was it too long? Not interactive? If they gave you some choices or options during the cut-scenes would you be more invested? What about those Quick Time Events like in Resident Evil, that's the only one i can think of at the moment.


IMO, I think giving more interactive options and or quick time events make the player care about whats going on. A Cinematic every now and then, is perfectly fine, I mean look at Warcraft III, amazing cinematics! Blizzard is known for it, I LOVE watching those, other games, not so much.


In your opinion, what can game designers due to keep your interest in the main story? How can they get you invested as a player to care, about your avatar and his plight?

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