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This week Krees and I finished up the travel screens in Conquest!. Read on for more details!

This week saw the completion of traveling the realm in Conquest!.  This was challenging yet exciting as the screens work a bit different from most of the others.  The realm of Conquest! is comprised of three continents, with each having a varying number of cities.  Each city has different markets (and prices) for goods, so players must determine where they need to go to buy the troops they want.  Additionally, the magic shop is only located in Port Cities.  Fortunately, favorable markets can be added to a player's journal.  Players may only purchase ships in port cities and may only sail from Port or Coastal cities.
Traveling by land can be done in a number of different ways: by foot (most common), a magic carpet, or teleporting (mages only).  Cities can be locked, either by the owner, mages, or in response to a barbarian attack.  Players may not normally leave locked cities but rather can attempt to escape from them.  Locked cities also prevent players from entering through normal means.
The design of the screens called for a map of the continent or the realm to be displayed.  As you can see, Krees did a very nice job with the maps and the features.

Players will then click on a destination and select how they want to get there.

Cities are laid out on a 10x10 grid.  Prior to this week, these locations were randomized by the server.  Given the nature of the continents and where the land and water are this lead to some cities being in the oceans or a port/coastal city far inland.  I tried to come up with some rules when randomizing the locations but in the end I decided to just scrub the randomizing and have the coordinates fixed in the configuration.  So while the city locations no longer change each Conquest! Age, I no longer have cities ending up in strange locations
Traveling between continents is similar:

Note that the Kraken will not appear unless a mage has summoned it!
We are moving on to Subterfuge next, which will cover spying and espionage.  I expect this to take several days as there is a lot of content here.  For those keeping score, we have the following screens remaining: Subterfuge, Combat, Fleet Maintenance, Alliances, Quests, Class Commands,Weather, Chat, Settings, Town Call. 

Follow the journey on Facebook or Twitter.  Until next time, I hope to see you in the game.

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