Noitu Love 2 Devolution highlights this week's Best of Indie Games

Sister site looks at the top PC Flash/downloadable indie titles released over the past week, including a visual novel that promises a more mature twist to the familiar story of Cinderella.
This week on "Best Of Indie Games," we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week. The goodies in this edition include a first-person shooter made for the 7DFPS challenge, a June Bug Indie Royale Bundle selection, a time-bending puzzler developed for the 48-hour GDT Jam, plus a visual novel that promises a more mature twist to the familiar story of Cinderella. Here's some recent highlights from Game Pick: 'Cloudbase Prime' (Tyrus Peace, freeware) "The pleasant quirks of Tyrus Peace's Cloudbase Prime extend beyond its scripted introduction to the heart of this first-person puzzle platformer. While you pack some firepower, it definitely feels secondary to the game's main mechanic of raising and lowering platforms." Game Pick: 'Polyfurcation' (Jeremy Penner, browser) "Jeremy Penner's Polyfurcation is a tricky puzzler, where players must cover the flag blocks of each level without any green dots left over." Game Pick: 'Noitu Love 2: Devolution' (Joakim Sandberg, commercial indie) "While Noitu Love 2 may be a sequel, the gameplay and story are fairly divorced from the freeware original, making it easy to get into. The story is delightfully convoluted, but essentially serves as an excuse for ridiculous segments and plenty of punching." Game Pick: 'First Person Tutor' (bigblueboo labs, browser) "In 7DFPS entry First Person Tutor, players assume the role of a financially challenged teaching assistant serving an evil professor who pays off a bit of debt for every student failed." Game Pick: 'Gare' (prexen, browser) "Gare combines the aesthetics of Tron, the gameplay of the venerable arena shooter genre, the mazes of Berserk and those Mechs everyone seems to be so fond of in one lovely action game definitely worth your time." Game Pick: 'ChronoCat' (Ahmet Ali Batı, browser) "While many of the time-related mechanics in the game will be familiar to anyone who has played Braid, ChronoCat puts them in an interesting new context." Game Pick: 'Cinders' (MoaCube, commercial indie) "Cinders is a modern re-telling of the old Cinderella story. Instead of making the protagonist a weak-willed victim to circumstances, MoaCube chose to make her a somewhat tougher heroine." Game Pick: 'Run' (Christopher Whitman, browser) "Christopher Whitman's Run is a literary game triple threat that weaves together text platforming, Snake and Space Invaders arcade segments, and farming strategy."

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