Deep Sleep highlights this week's Best of Indie Games

Sister site looks at the top PC Flash/downloadable indie titles released over the past week, including Deep Sleep, the story of a person trapped within their own nightmares.
This week on "Best Of Indie Games," we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week. The delights in this edition include a submission from the 2012 Interactive Fiction competition, Nitrome's latest icon-sized Flash game release, a retro-looking point & click game from the recent 10th Casual Gameplay Design competition, plus a browser-based, nifty-looking platform designed specifically for the purpose of creating and distributing games. Here's some recent highlights from Game Pick: 'Turnament' (Nitrome, browser) "Turnament's turn-based mechanics will be familiar if you're a fan of roguelikes; you'll need to carefully plan out your movements so that you avoid enemies during their attack phases while plotting strikes of your own." Game Pick: 'Agent Trinity' (LostTrainDude, freeware) "Agent Trinity is a man with a mission. Within the next six minutes, he must figure out how to infiltrate a bunker, avoid enemy agents and set a clock's hands two hours back." Game Pick: 'howling dogs' (Porpentine, browser) "An entry in 2012's Interactive Fiction competition, howling dogs is an eloquent, perplexing look at the life and experiences of a person trapped in a somewhat futuristic setting." Game Pick: 'Deep Sleep' (scriptwelder, browser) "The story of a person trapped within their own nightmares, Deep Sleep is creepy without being overdone and a rather lovely representation of the recent 10th Casual Gameplay Design competition's 'Escape' theme." Game Pick: 'KoGaMa' (Multiverse ApS, browser) "Described by its developers as a mix between Minecraft and Youtube, KoGaMa is a browser-based, nifty-looking platform designed for the creation and distribution of games built with the tools supplied."

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