We Are One, Tux and Fanny, and Norco among Amaze Award 2022 winners

The winners were announced during an in-person and virtual ceremony hosted in Berlin.

Amaze Fest has announced the winners of the 11th annual Amaze Awards.

Raw Fury and Geography of Robots' gothic point-and-click adventure Norco took home the Long Feature Award, while VR title We Are One from Flat Head Studio was honoured with the Explorer Award.

Elsewhere, Okthryssia and Saturnia's Bureaucratic Adventures, a local multiplayer title for PC that asks players to "navigate the tormented ways of bureaucracy," from Fantasia Malware was named the winner of the Human Human Machine Award.

First-person exploitation game Bore Dome, which seeks to simulate awkward, mundane, unhinged, and generally weird human experiences, won the Digital Moment Award.

Titanic II: Orchestra for Dying at Sea, an allegroical game about the haunting world between life and death from developer Flan Falacci, nabbed the Audience Award, and surreal lo-fi adventure Tux and Fanny grabbed the Most Amazing Award.

You can find the full list of Amaze Awards winners below. Head on over to the Amaze website to learn more about all the winners and nominees.

A MAZE. / Berlin 2022 Award Winners

Digital Moment Award -- Bore Dome (Gobline Rage)

Human Human Machine Award -- Okthryssia and Saturnia's Bureaucratic Adventures (Fantasia Malware)

Long Feature Award -- Norco (Raw Fury / Geography of Robots)

Explorer Award -- We Are One (Flat Head Studio)

Audience Award -- Titanic II: Orchestra for Dying at Sea (Flan Falacci)

Most Amazing Award -- Tux and Fanny (Albert Birney and Gabriel Koenig)

Wings Award -- A Rejection Story! (Faezeh Khomeyrani)

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