Unity unveils winners of its 2023 Unity for Humanity grant

Here are the 2023 recipients of Unity's $500,000 grant for social impact games.

The annual Unity for Humanity contest just wrapped, and the platform revealed its 2023 slate of winners. 

Originally started in 2019, Unity for Humanity focuses on in-development projects focused on social impact. The prizes this year include a grant from a pool of $500,000, along with mentorship and technical support to ensure the projects receive a full release.

Of the 500 projects submitted, Unity chose eight winners. Each of them had different aims when it came to social impact. In the case of Quantum's Pursuit, nonprofit company Limbitless Solutions told Unity it wanted to teach children the ways they could use their bionic limbs in a stress-free way, while also determining a child's needs based on muscle strength.

Other titles like the augmented reality game World Reborn tasks players with doing real world actions such as donating money or picking up trash to affect the in-game world. Developer Wicked Saints said the game's purpose was to help teenage players feel like they were making incremental real world change. 

Similarly, mixed reality developer MANND created the X-Ray Fashion VR documentary to educate audiences about specific issues within the fashion industry. Using a VR headset alongside physical elements, players learn about different experiences that go into making clothes. 

In the description of X-Ray Fashion, MANND wrote it wanted to "change consumer behavior by helping viewers understand the impact that their wardrobes have on the environment and people working in the industry." 

Unity has the full list of winners here, which also features the developers' stated purpose for each of their individual projects.

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