PaRappa the Rapper, Ocarina of Time among 2022 World Video Game Hall of Fame nominees

The Strong Museum has named the 12 games shortlisted for this years World Video Game Hall of Fame inductees, which include titles like Dance Dance Revolution and Sid Meier's Civilization.

Rochester, New York's Strong museum has nominated a fresh batch of notable games to be considered for entry into the World Video Game Hall of Fame for 2022, and this year's candidates are a truly eclectic bunch.  

The full list of nominees covers games ranging from the classic arcade era to the Xbox 360. Four will go on to be permanently listed in the Strong museum's video game hall of fame. This year, the museum decided to nominate the following games (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Assassin’s Creed (2007)
  • Candy Crush Saga (2012)
  • Dance Dance Revolution (1998)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
  • Minesweeper (1990)
  • Ms. Pac-Man (1982)
  • NBA Jam (1993)
  • PaRappa the Rapper (1996)
  • Resident Evil (1996)
  • Rogue (1980)
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization (1991)
  • Words with Friends (2009)

(Fun fact: Minesweeper doesn't have a definitive release date. Microsoft's version first released in 1990, but the game was being played as far back as the '60s.)

Winners will be selected by an assembly of ballots from journalists, scholars, and the public. The final inductees will be announced in a virtual ceremony by The Strong museum.

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