With profit and revenue on the rise, CD Projekt heaps praise on The Witcher 3

It's been over five years since CD Projekt Red launched The Witcher 3, and even still the game remains a key contributor to CD Projekt's earnings.

It’s been over five years since CD Projekt Red launched The Witcher 3, and even still the game remains a key contributor to CD Projekt’s earnings. 

This H1 report is however, barring another delay, the last quarterly check-in CD Projekt Red will release before its ambitious role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 launches, meaning The Witcher 3's reign as CD Projekt's top earner may very well be nearing its final days. 

Closing out the first half of its 2020 fiscal year, CD Projekt reported 364 million PLN (~$97.2 million) in revenue, up nearly 70 percent year-over-year while its net profit hit 147 million PLN (~$39.3 million) and nearly tripled last year’s net profit of 51.5 million PLN (~$13.8 million).

Much of those increases were, unsurprisingly, driven by sales of The Witcher 3. The game itself received a helpful boost in visibility due to its Nintendo Switch launch late last year, while other properties in The Witcher franchise helped boost H1’s numbers as well.

Namely, Gwent boasted its best H1 in history thanks at least partially to debuts on iOS, Android, and Steam, though, following in Q1's footsteps, The Witcher spinoff Thronebreaker is also named as a notable contributor.

In a brief earnings highlight, CD Projekt CFO Piotr Nielubowicz also notes that closed out the six month period with its best H1 to date, reporting 109.8 million PLN (~$29.3 million) in revenue and 5.6 million PLN (~$1.5 million) in profit. 

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