Ubisoft ends automatic bans for offensive language in Rainbow Six Siege

The company says it’s making the switch to more hands-on anti-toxicity measures by pairing chat filters with human moderation.

Newsbrief: Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege will no longer dole out instantaneous bans to players that use offensive language in in-game chat, saying in a blog post that the developer is looking to “evolve” its anti-toxicity systems to something less intrusive to non-offenders. 

Implemented in July, the previous system issued immediate, mid-match bans to Rainbow Six Siege players if they sent certain offensive terms or hate speech through the first-person shooter’s in-game chat. First offenders got off with shorter, 30-minute bans, but the length of the punishment increased for repeat offenders. 

The new system still makes use of the chat filters Ubisoft has set up to detect toxic behavior, but instead those filters now block the message from being sent and refer the case off to a human moderator for review. Ubisoft says that this approach gives it more opportunities to be transparent about its ban system and encourages "players to be vigilant with the language they are using."

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