PAX 10 reveals Praey for the Gods, Shift Quantum, and more for 2018 showcase

The folks behind PAX 10 have revealed the 10 games set to be featured in the annual showcase at PAX West this fall.

The folks behind PAX 10 have revealed the 10 games set to be featured in the annual showcase at PAX West this September.

Being featured in the PAX 10 offers indie developers dedicated floorspace during the sizable event, potentially giving them the chance to get their games in the hands of players and media in attendance.

In the past, games like Celeste, West of Loathing, and Darkest Dungeon have been selected for the showcase.

Developers were able to submit games for consideration earlier this year, but the final 10 were selected by a team of 50 “industry experts” seeking to find the “best indie games in regard to gameplay and overall fun-factor.”

This year’s games range from co-op adventures to reality warping puzzle platformers, and appear on everything from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC to the Nintendo Switch.

The 2018 PAX 10 lineup can be found just below, with more details about each game available on the showcase’s website.

  • Gunhead (Alientrap)
  • Mirror Drop (Ian Lilley)
  • Overload (Revival Productions)
  • Pizza Titan Ultra (Breakfall Inc.)
  • Praey for the Gods (No Matter Studios)
  • Retimed (Team Maniax)
  • Roundguard (Wonderbelly Games)
  • Shift Quantum (Fishing Cactus)
  • Tick Tock: A Tale for Two (Other Tales Interactive)
  • With Friends Like These (Shy Kids Club)

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