What on earth is it called?!?!?

Naming my new company

In my last post I said this one would be about setting up a company. I guess that shows how naive  I was/am. Setting up a company is really what this whole blog is and will be about for the foreseeable future. So I guess I'll start at the beginning.

The first and probably hardest part about this whole process is thinking of a name. Names are such devilish things. I mean they represent you and all your hard work from now till the rest of time! I know some people will disagree with me on that because you can always change a company name, but I think starting out strong with a solid name is very important. I guess we'll find out how important as the company grows.

When thinking of a name I really wanted something that reflected me and the industry in some way but was also simple and didn't need explaining to people to remember, spell or pronounce it. I also recommend not going for the first name you think of, and I also think you'll like your name a lot better if it's something you have a personal connection to. The trick is though that I think it'll help if others also can relate to it. This isn't as essential but I believe it'll help.

So I went about brainstorming names trying to check all the boxes. I tried to think of games and hobbies I liked and aspects of them that I could use to brand a company.

Bunny Hop - Counter Strike

Stack of Doom - Civilization

Monument - Civilization

Game Stars - Dallas Stars


But sadly most of the names you think of this way are already taken.

Rocket Jump like all things good came up in a bar conversation with friends. I can't remember exactly why or how it was used in a sentence but the instant I heard it I knew that's what it should be! I went home that night and did some searches and found no listed companies gaming or otherwise called Rocket Jump. However there is a band that current owns but that's a story whole other blog post. There is also a strange search engine company that just popped up yesterday that now resides on Grrrrr

Anyway after sleeping on it I decided to go for it! Any issues about trademarks and such can come later and we'll see if it was a good idea after all. However, like I said before even though I don't think it's the best idea, I can always change the name later. We'll see if it comes to that in the coming weeks.

The next task around branding is a logo which will make a much stronger case for me when it comes to looking at trademarks and other such nonsense.

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