What games and game categories get featured by Apple the most?

We analyzed all the mobile games that were featured in the App Store from January until August 2019 worldwide and in the US particularly and wrote a summary of the most featured games and categories.

In 2017, Apple introduced new tabs dedicated to apps Apple’s editors considered worth noticing: Featured apps. Since then, this hundreds of app and game developers wanted for their apps to be mentioned there. Even though being featured does not always end up well, it’s still the most efficient way to increase downloads and find new fans of your mobile game.   

We looked at the games that appeared on the Featured tabs from January until July (including) 2019 worldwide and in the US particularly and here is what we found out: 

  • In the US, games were featured x3 times than in other countries. Also, practically no apps are mentioned on the Today tab or in Stories and Collections. 

  • Fortnite is the leader in Stories worldwide.

  • Game of the Day title is taken by Candy Crush Friends Saga. They were featured the most. 

  • Practically no free apps or games are being featured. No paid either. Most of the games have in-app purchases. 


Fortnite was the most mentioned game on the Today tab, even though it didn’t appear in the Game of the Day section. But it spent 91 days on the featured tabs and overall was featured 1626 times. 

Top featured categories for mobile games: 

  1. Adventure — 3 games

  2. Action — 2 games

  3. Puzzle — 1 game

  4. Simulation — 1 game


Game of the Day


The most mentioned is Minecraft.

Top category mentioned in collections is Simulation (among games). 2 games from this category got in Collections.


Fortnite was the most mentioned and spent the most days in there. 


For the U.S. 

Today tab

The most mentioned among apps and games are: Fortnite, PUBG, Pokemon Go.

Top featured categories for mobile games: 

  1. Action — 8 games

  2. Arcade — 3 games

  3. Sports — 2 games

  4. Simulation — 2 games

  5. Puzzle — 2 games





Game of the Day

The most mentioned was Candy Crush Friends Saga (3 times), the other games were mentioned only once each. The U.S. editors include mostly paid games.


Top mentioned: Fortnite and PUBG (34 mentions in 6 months each)

Top featured categories for mobile games: 

  1. Action — 7

  2. Simulation — 4

  3. Arcade — 3

  4. Strategy — 3

  5. Puzzle — 3

  6. Role-playing — 2

  7. Adventure — 1

  8. Sports — 1

  9. Word — 1


Top mentioned is again Fortnite

Top featured categories for mobile games:

  1. Action — 2

  2. Simulation — 1

  3. Role Playing — 1

  4. Racing — 1

  5. Family — 1

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