We come from the AssetStore

First blog in the series of becoming an indie developer by transitioning from the assetstore to Steam. With sales numbers from the AssetStore

When I mention to other game developers that we do 2D art for the various asset stores, I often get the question: "Is there any money in that?" so I assume you're also asking the same question right now. And yes, I'll add some numbers at the end, so scroll down if you impatient. But the short answer is "no, not that much"

As many others store fronts, there are some huge winners, and this is true for the asset stores as well. However very few percentage is actually making enough money to make up for the effort. We are placed in the middle, we make more money than lunch money (depending on how hungry you are), but still not sustainable in business terms. So why have we continue to make 10 different assets?


Demo of our latest 2D scene in Unity

Demo of our latest scene in Unity


The simple answer is: training. If we are to survive as game developers in todays market we need a couple of areas of expertise. To us this is 2D art. But there is a long road ahead from drawing something amazing to compose a scene in Unity that have been compare to titles like Rayman and Trine (although I don't agree we are at that level yet).

Some folks go to the gym to be stronger, but we went to the AssetStore. Photo by: Nicole De Khors

So the AssetStore has been a great playground for us, to learn and to get feedback of our art but also to dip our to into developer tools and of course battling the great beast of marketing. We earned some money, not enough to sustain ourselves, but better and much more economically than taking training courses or just fiddling in our own corner never showing it to anyone.

We also teamed up with other AssetStore providers, such as music for for this video by Matteo Bosi for this one

As promised here is a screen shot of our sales  in January, not much but beats zero. Please feel free to check all our assets on the AssetStore

Not yet enough to buy a Ferrari

In my next blog post I'll talk more about "how I made a game and learned C# in 30 minutes", and yes it's a clickbait title but I'll try my best to justify it.

In the next blog post I'll write more about how we went from the AssetStore to actually releasing our first game on Steam

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