True stats of visibility part 2

You have seen the result of single app's first month on the market without any marketing. Now it's time to confirm or disapprove these results by the data of the second app. Will it be better or worse?

In my previous post you saw the data of the mobile game's first month, published form completely new and clean developer accounts on different android markets.

Now I have the data for the second game, as well as threw in bunch of new markets.

With the new app I tried experimenting with keywords in app title and failed, keywords I chose (21 Point Basket Ball) are so oversaturated, I still can't find my game in Google Play by its title.

But what I did now, comparing to previous app, I set up gameplay video from the start, and as well had already a website with this and previous app published online.

You can check my blog for more information on experiment.

So we are ready to compare.

Markets Sushi The Fish 21 Point Basket Ball Difference
Slideme 1548 982 -566
GetJar 866 733 -133
Vodafone 128 147 +19
AndroidPit 38 39 +1
Opera 29 166 +137
TStore 24 31 +7 18 45 +27
Google Play 17 105 +88
1mobile 11 26 +15
Insyde 6 30 +24
Amazon 5 8 +3
Applandic 2 4 +2
AppsLib 1 3 +2
Camangi 1 0 -1
Yandex 5 3 -2
Nokia 10 10 0
Appsberry 2 2 0
andapponline 0 0 0
aptoide 0 0 0
mobogenie 0 0 0
cnet 0 2 +2
Total: 2711 2336 -375


Top two leaders are the same, Slideme and GetJar. But second game has less downloads in them (I really don't know why).

While winning previous game in almost any smaller market, which fluctuation can be explained by small amount of downloads. Or mayb any relation to the fact that it was the second app.

The interesting part is, that some markets have quite "big" spike, like Opera +137 and (WOW) Google Play +88 resulting in 105 total downloads. Couple of years ago I would have said it was a failure, but now it seems I'm succeeding on Google Play :)

So basically yes, second game confirm that these are somewhat real stats of what you can expect from the markets nowadays.

I have more and more games on the run, and will try to divide what types of games fit each market better.

As well as there will be second month of my first game, so we will see how many downloads can a game get on second month, and how much worse it gets.

Stay tuned.

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