Top Popular Games Forbidden by Parents

As you know, kids love computer games. However, not all the games are avaliable for them as their parents often forbid some. Here are the games that parents don't like the most.

There are so many cool games out there. There are many kind and peaceful ones, but there are also panty of violent and scary ones. People enjoy such frightful games that make your their blood run cold. Kids love them, too! They like to shoot, to run from the police, to kill monsters and to fight with enemies. Their parents don't like it as much, though. Often such games are strictly banned in their homes. So, what games do parents commonly don't like? Here are some of them.


Imagine there is a scary mental home (quite typical, but still), full of insane patience, crazy doctor, mutated guard and underground lab with illegal experiments. Intriguing, huh? The game is very popular and loved by many people including kids. The moments when you have to silently come through a room full of sedated scare half-corpses half-people tend to be scariest moments in the game industry. Parents are not so thrilled, though. They tend to forbid this game saying that it is too twisted for a kid's immature mind. Who knows, maybe they are right.

Silent Hill

These game series are pretty terrifying, too. There is a half-empty city covered with fog. You never know where danger is waiting for you and often only a flashlight gives you the opportunity to see the road a bit. Fun thing is that there are five different endings of this game one of which is a joke ending. Parents don't honor this game much. It uses psychological aspects to frighten gamers. That does not seem like an appropriate thing for a kid.

Dead Space. Well, the name is talking here: you are in space and you have to make different creatures dead. The plot is not very complicated and twisted here, but the atmosphere is quite intimidating. There are lots of mutated crew members that try to kill you with their teeth, claws and stings and you naturally need to avoid that. The creators of the game were very generous thinking of lots of different monsters that you need to kill differently. Parents find this game too violent to allow their children.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark corners of the world

This game is also called of the scariest ones of all times. Everything is very realistic here; the main character looks not like a hero, but like a scared hysterical man. If he is shot in the hand, you shoot worse till the end of the game; if he is hot in the leg, you limp. Gamers say the game has a very special creepy atmosphere and you cannot but fear this big sea monster that haunts you.

Penumbra: Overture

The scariest thing about this game is that you cannot kill your enemies - you play for a totally helpless character. Imagine this feeling: you have to face monsters in the darkness when you cannot shoot or fight. You practically feel yourself in your character's skin. As you've probably already guessed, this game is also not very popular among parents.

Until Dawn

This game is very popular due to its amazing graphics and interesting story. It is a lot like half of the modern horror movies where a bunch of young people come to a far house and strange things start to happen. The game is based on jump scares; you got frightened by the unexpected loud noises throughout the whole story. It is not as violent and there isn't so much blood as in the previous games, but parents still often forbid it.


Why and how do parents forbid games

Most parents have a set of common reasons for forbidding games. Some say they are too violent for young kids. Some say they are addictive. Some believe this is a useless activity and kids should better play with friends outside. Some think games will negatively influence kids' grades and some believe they make kids degrade. No matter what the reasons are, the fact is that many parents don't allow children play scare and violent games (some of them don't allow any games at all). Some parents just ask kids not to play, some offer alternatives, some strictly forbid it and some block games with apps like pumpiс cell phone monitoring or any other parental control software.

All in all, it is hard to say whether all those reasons are true or parents are just being parents. Often they do know better what their kids need, right?  


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