The Secret To Not Giving Up On Game Development Or Anything Else Ever Again!

Never give up on any games development! Try to do what you really want to do. Where there is creativity and inspiration you can not go wrong.

People give up. It’s part of life. People start working on an app, a business, start losing weight, start a blog, start a marriage, start living and then they give up. But why do these people do it?

Why is this ouroboros of starting and losing still alive? In this stage of humanity’s awesome evolution how can we stop this?

It requires nothing more and nothing less than mental power. People are habitual creators, so if you get enough momentum going, you won’t stop. But gathering that momentum can be a grueling task. So hard in fact, that people need other people to rely on and get encouragement from.

But the sad truth is that, more often than not: Nobody's there for you, it's just you... and that's actually OK.

I remember when I had just completed my Blurred Lines app after 18 months of hard work. My dad didn’t even say 'well done'. But I never got upset about it. I understood very quickly that I’m born alone, and that I die alone.

And internalizing this fact has actually helped me to become a better person, and more loving and more compassionate about other people’s problems. It truly has.

However, while it’s true we are alone as human beings, nobody is just the person they see in the mirror. You are alone but you are also everything in this Universe.So being alone means you can be anything you want, because everything is interconnected, and all that is interconnected has plotted to bring you forth.

So this means that you can rely on yourself for encouragement even when nobody is there.

Try this exercise: 

Construct an imaginary second personality. Write it down. Draw it, paint it.
Imagine how this person inside you is different than you, and better than you in each and every way. Make that person a hero. Your hero.

The aim here is to have a person inside of you with whom you can talk to when you are most in need. Just rely on your imaginary perfect self. It will give you the encouragement and advice you need at the most critical times in the different stages of your games development.

Let me know what you think about this strategy or any other methods you might have used to keep you going when working on a very long project. Do you think my method is a little childish? Or do you think that your imaginary friend will become a reality one day?

However you approach this, never give up. The rat race is almost over...

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