The relationship and trust between developers and players are very important!

Is there anything I can do of the game besides development after EA in STEAM?

Contacting streamers and Medias continues, wishlist is increasing as well.  Where is the point I can break through and get more copy sold?  The only thing I thought I hadn’t done was discounting at that time.  On April 19th, I’ve started the discount, which was 20% off.  And the result was very obvious:

In steam community, players told me the price, which was USD 15.99, was a little higher.  I think the thoughts behind it were two:

  1. The price and the quality does not match.  I’m not 100% agree on this but the bar is setting over there and if you don’t have significant features better than the bar, I agree the price should lower than it;
  2. This is the first game from an unknown studio and we haven’t built any community before early access.  So basically we are very strange to players.  I suddenly understood that if I were a common player, I wouldn’t trust a game made by an unfamiliar studio just popped up.

I’m a little clear that the room I can operate on the game is not big, but I can insist to do:

  1. To build community for the game and studio continuously.  Talk to players like friends, get the opinions from them, tell them directly what I can do and what I cannot do for their opinions, and tell them the reason.  Don’t argue with them but ignore the speech from the trolls.  Just be honest and have great passion.
  2. Release the updates, information and events frequently so that keeps in touch with players, especially about development.  Players can understand you are working very hard and trust you finish the game.  They will know what they get when they pay the money, they’ll know it worth the money.
  3. It seems sometimes the story about developing the game is more important than the game itself.  IT IS INTERESTING to develop a game all the time.  There are so many videos on every video platform tell stories of game developers.  They are popular.  So you should write, streaming and taking pictures of the development process and show to the community.
  4. Never give up.  I’ve been asked around of my indie game developer friends.  Almost all of them were failed at the first game and my situation is much better than them.  And they have much better result at the second and third game because they never give up.

Due to the players quantity is not good enough to improve the game anymore, I decided to release Dungeon Of Dragon Knight officially.

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