The key to indie gamedev success

A tongue in cheek response to "the key to indie success" and "it's so hard now to be successful as an indie" articles. Not intended as actual advice.

Minimize scope, minimize costs, budget, kill your babies, compromise your creative vision, prototype, expand on popular prototypes, research the market, find a niche, maximize revenue streams, port to all platforms, be in bundles, time your sales, talk to journalists, talk to YouTubers, talk to streamers, be on podcasts, get interviewed, attend events, network, cut corners, don’t cut too many corners, be on Twitter, be on YouTube, be on Tumblr, be on Facebook, have a good site, have a good trailer, have a pleasing aesthetic that takes minimal work, seek out talent and keep it, be self motivated, be good at everything, work all the time, think of work when you’re not working, work smarter not harder, work harder, don’t date, don’t have a social life, reduce living expenses, use free or open source software, pray.

(This is my response to the recent spate of “ohnoes it’s so hard to make it as a fulltime indie!”, yes it’s hard, everyone I know who’s made it worked insanely hard to get and stay there)

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