Sustaining Free Gaming App and Google Ads

The main purpose of the development of the game is to give some form of relaxation and entertainment to the users. But we know that game development is a very complex and technical job and the game developer invests a reasonable amount of money

As we know that there is a lot of competition in every sector of the industry and the gaming sector suffers a lot from it. There are many game developers in the industry, some developed free games and some are paid. But, in this article, we focus on free gaming models that have no subscription cost and anyone can play it free. Game development is a very complex and technical job with proper setup or office which definitely generates a cost. In free gaming mode, the developer should want to generate some money to cover his cost. There are a lot of options available for the developer to generate some extra money and a more useful approach is to run Google ads on your games.

An independent game developer is not an easy task. To become a successful game developer, there are a lot of challenges that might be faced. One of the biggest and stressful challenges is a lack of a comprehensive marketing budget, many developers have introduced their game for free to get more people to play it and increase the game popularity.

Is it beneficial for free game developers to run Google ads?

Running Google ads in games has both pros and cons. For the developer, it is beneficial to generate some extra money and when users play games they also click ads as well. From players' perception, it is a bad option because many game players didn't like it. To sustain the business ads play an important role but the developer should keep a balance between them. Placement of ads everywhere is a big dilemma because most of the players quit the game when ads are popping everywhere and with fewer ads sustainability of the business is a real issue. In this article, we focus on an alternate solution to Google ads to retain users and also generate money to sustain the business as well.

A potential solution for Money generation other than Google ads

1. Custom Ads

Custom ads are the best option for the developer to approach local businesses to get rid of popping Google ads everywhere. This approach is difficult as compared to Google ads but on the other hand, gamer satisfaction is achieved.

2. Paid Version of the Game

The best option in our mind is the paid version of the game to get rid of popping Google ads. But, it is a difficult task to attract customers to the paid version. Most gamers are willing to play free games and most of them have no facility to pay online like gamers from Botan or other developing countries. This approach may be costly because we cannot attract or retain too many gamers there is a lot of chance that gamers diversified to other related gaming apps.

3. Introduced In-App Coins to Remove Ads

Adding in-game currency plays an important role to eliminate Google ads. Gamers should be attracted to buy coins instead of seeing ads. We think this approach definitely improves user engagement and reduces the number of complaints about popping ads.

4. Reward Ads

These types of ads are usually video ads that gamers can see to get a reward for in-game, such as coins, an extra life, and power-ups. Reward ads are an attractive and effective way of advertising. They don't interrupt in normal gameplay. Reward-based advertising has been effectively and occasionally to enhance the gaming experience.

5. Video Ads

Video ads appear in those sections of the game where banner ads usually appear. It is different from traditional ads in such a way that they are interactive and attract player focus. Video playable ads are short clips and don't consume a lot of time for the player.

6. Implementation of Crypto Currency

A developer may use advanced Crypto Currency in the online world of game development and can remove in-game advertising. Furthermore, utilizing a block-chain based revenue-generating stream in-online games, and revenue can be easily created without any hassle or relying on advertisements.

7. Accurate Ads Placement

The most important crucial points are the placement of the advertising in the game without interrupting the flow of the game. Ads placement is a complex task that requires sophisticated thinking by parties, the developer and advertiser, and place the advertisement in the most suitable place by mutual understanding, and make the choice whether it is fixed or dynamic. Placement of ads should be made accurate in the sense that the audience feels it is relevant according to the texture of the game otherwise the audience will ignore it and the advertisement is useless for both developer and advertiser.

The intention of advertisement is brand awareness for the targeted audience and their gender, choice, and age. In most cases, the sports industry is more willing to place ads on gaming apps and especially target the youth i-e themed games, skateboarding, running shoes, etc.

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