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Super Arcade Football

OutOfTheBit is working on its first PC game, after more than 5 years working on mobile games. Super Arcade Football is a Football game in all its simplicity with a very punchy and arcade gameplay, it is developed collaborativley with the community.

I’m Arnaud De Bock, from OutOfTheBit, a small Independent studio from London.

We launched yesterday Super Arcade Football on Steam Early Acccess, our first PC game! It’s been super stressful, but also very exciting. 

Me and Ali (the Director of OutOfTheBit ) are from the best generation; the 80’s. We spent our lives playing great arcade games like Speedball, Kick Off, NHL and Sensible Soccer.

So we decided last year, (actually before any announcement of Kick Off Revival, or Sociable Soccer), to make our own football game that captures the intensity of the classic arcade games, with the tools and capabilities of the 21st century, as well as our own spin.

Hotline Miami and Towerfall Ascension are some of the more recent games that influence us, especially the speed and intense competition they bring out in people.

We have decided to use Early Access in a similar way that Nuclear Throne did: we want to involve the community in the game development, and aim to be reactive and transparent, something that was unheard of in the 80’s/90’s.

We know what we want the game to be, but also we know there are tonnes of people in the Steam community with great ideas, and we are hoping to tap into that and build the game openly. We want it to be crazy fun; solo or multiplayer, with world rankings, online multiplayer, lots of different game modes and a long-life career mode, basically, to make a bloody great football game you’d play with your friends with some pizza, competitively against the CPU or with people around the world.
We’re aware that SAF could be at first glance passed off as a clone, especially with the coincidental news of Jon Hare’s and Dino Dini’s comebacks. However, we’ve been working on it a long time (the game sailed through Greenlight 6 months ago), with the sole intention of making a game to call our own with party modes, modifiers and straight up football fun. We are happy to be involved in this football party and as football fans and avid players of those games ourselves, we are excited at this new generation of soccer games.

This is the team of Super Arcade Football

@AliMotisi is writing the game

@SimonHaines is Music/SFX and also doing some code

@ArnaudDeBock is doing the graphics (and struggling with PR!)

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