Summer 2017 for Mobile Gaming Industry – What Trends Will Predominate on the Market?

Most of the technological development falls on summer. All the major expos of new achievements are held in summer. I will try to make some predictions for the forthcoming summer

The year 2016 was extremely rich in events for the industry of mobile games. The appearance of augmented reality games, like Pokémon Go, turned out to be a real bomb for the users from all over the word. Plenty of new pieces of equipment with virtual reality were developed specifically for the smartphones. In addition, the models of the new gadgets now permit to create the gaming products of the next gen quality. The 2016 year was called “the VR/AR year”, so what title 2017 will bring?

The summer 2017 promises to be extremely eventful as gaming industry has evolved and acquired a decent amount of new technologies and profitable business models. What leading trends are going to occupy the market of games during the summer 2017?

  1. Virtual and augmented reality development.
    The summer is promising to have some extra bonuses for VR/AR technologies on the smartphones, owing in particular to the new Google Daydream technology. This technology is available on multiple platforms and allows the development of interactive applications implanted into virtual reality. I strongly believe that we will see the blooming of the VR applications on mobile gadgets and that technology will find a wide field of operations on the mobile platforms. Regarding the augmented reality, the Pokémon GO has already proven the fact that AR is popular among the users and that it has got an immense potential for development. This summer will surely bring either new games with AG or some fancy apps that will definitely find their usage in everyday life not just in the entertainment field.
  2. The maturing of the games market.
    The market of the mobile games is maturing year by year. The game developers understand that users become extremely selective in choosing the game products. It’s up to the developers to create some new top quality titles which should be both engaging and less fund demanding. Summer 2017 promises a lot of new mobile releases which are:
    • Easy to operate.
    • Offer entertaining gameplay.
    • Grant the possibility to either cooperate with friends or fight against them.
    • Permit short daily sessions or longer ones.
    • Allow fair play system with minimal monetarization.
  3. Mobile esports development.
    The cyber sport disciplines are present on various platforms such as PC, PS, Xbox. All major tournaments with decent sponsorship are held mainly in summer. The mobile products are also worth of it as there are plenty of team games on mobile devices both strategies and card collecting games where people can team up and battle various teams. I’m pretty confident that there will be the announcement of some mobile disciplines in summer for gamers to participate.
  4. The streaming of mobile games will become more popular.
    The recent statistics has proved the fact that a serious segment of games, broadcasted on YouTube, Twitch and other streaming services, belongs to mobile games. This tendency seems to be increasing in quantities as the mobile games are short in durations and a wider auditory of people has an opportunity to broadcast their achievements online with either funny comments or useful tips for beginners who just start playing a game and want to learn more about it. These game videos will serve not only as means of entertainment, but also as an advertisement for the developers. What else can popularize the game better than the amount of videos for a peculiar game title?
  5. Outburst in new gaming products.
    Summer is always a hot period not only for weather, but also for new games outbreak! We should expect a serious growth in titles and tough competition among the developers which will try to win more new clients for their games. The desire to get new customers gives birth to innovations as it always happens, when there is a need. There will likely be new technologies of interaction between clients and mobile apps which include TV, social and media services to cause a stronger gaming experience. Moreover, we are anticipating the near console graphics with new models of smartphones and improved operating systems.

There’s only one month left before summer, so we need to get ready for the heat that awaits us. Hopefully we won’t get bored till that time as there are still plenty of releases of various genres to try and play for different categories of gamers worldwide.

About author: Phyllis Bennett, a sales representative at Bungie and a freelance writer for Gamedev, GradeScout and so on. After long stressful days, I adore playing video games to get rid of tension. My hobby is 3D modeling and I’m currently attending evening courses of 3d max and Maya. I try to catch up with all gaming trends on various gaming platforms.

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