Shifting Gaming Landscape in Vietnam by the post 90s Generation

With 94 million population, 30 million mobile game users, and over 200 million USD mobile game revenue, Vietnam’s gaming market holds a lot of potential, drawing attention from companies in Asia.

With 94 million population, 30 million mobile game users, and over 200 million USD mobile game revenue, Vietnam’s gaming market holds a lot of potential, drawing attention from companies in Asia. As the post-90s generation is becoming the mainstream audience in the game industry, here are some trends to take note of the changing landscape of the Vietnam gaming market.

 1. Games and players are increasingly diverse and segmented

vietnam future trend gaming industry download landscape female games gmgc beijing vng mobile games  

Traditionally, Vietnamese gamers love to play MMORPG, FPS/TPS, Card battle and casual games. However, a few games target at the female audience has emerged in 2016. Games such as Ngoi Sao Thoi Trang (Nikki) target female gamers for the first time, with a large user share rate showing the potential of the segmented market in vietnam. Female gamers have high loyalty, with D30 retention rate as high as 40%.

2. Players are more open to a variety of IP games from Japan and Korea
naturo vietnam japanese ip japan gmgc beijing mobile game downloads 2017 future trends game industry 

While Chinese IP games are known to be well received in Vietnam, the younger generation is open to all types of IPs. Japanese, Chinese, Korean IPs are popular in the Vietnam market. Naruto is a popular theme for many mobile games in Vietnam to be built upon.


3. Mobile phones with higher specs and lower price will push demand for high graphics quality

mobile game download vietnam mobile quality xiao mi gmgc beijing gaming industry trends 2017

Samsung is the #1 mobile brand in Vietnam with a market share of 35.3%, followed closely by Apple and Oppo. Due to entrance of companies such as Oppo, Xiaomi, and cheaper Samsung smart phones, specs have quickly risen and the mobile phone penetration is doubling per year. High graphic quality as well as 3D games would be popular.

4. Be involved in the social interactions between gamers

gmgc beijing mobile game conference confederation vietnam future gaming industry market 

Gamers are sharing and streaming their games. Being part of the social sharing within the community and engaging gamers offline through events, meet ups are new avenues to engage the gaming community. Companies are also more focused on PR than buying users and spending on online user aquisitions and ads. boosting social interaction within gamers.

5. Mobile Esport is budding, but there will only be a few titles that dominate in each segment 

vietnam mobile game industry trend esports streaming game download gaming conference gmgc beijing 

E sports is popular on the PC, while it is still lacking in the areas of mobile games due to the lack of awareness. As PC games are dominated and well received among the 80s+90s generation, there will be a strong demand for mobile games from younger players from the post 90s generation; gamers have already started to adopt mobile MOBA.
The post-90s generation is more open-mind, international, willing to accept quality game genre. Mobile E-sport is relatively small in Vietnam with weak economic incentives but  is a good avenue to acquire users and for branding purposes.  If you have a game with strong social, E-sports capability and can appeal to broad users in Vietnam, we believe that the time for this kind of game to enter in Vietnam market is NOW!  

Source: Christopher Liu, VNG Coorperation, “Discovering New Game Segments in MMORPG-Crazy Vietnam” GMGC Beijing 2017
Watch full presentation here
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