SEGA, Intel's AppUp, GDC, and 70 Million netbooks--plus 1 free one to be given away!

Talk coming to GDC about Intel's AppUp store--by me and a special guest from SEGA. Free netbook to be given away to a lucky attendee! Here's the description--how does it sound? It's not too late for me to change the talk based on your input.

On Wednesday 3/2, 4:30PM, at the Game Developers Conference I'll be presenting--along with a representative from SEGA--about Intel's AppUp store.  AppUp is directed at a whole "compute continuum" of devices, but was first focused on the ~70 million netbooks running Microsoft Windows*.  By using a "store on store" model--Intel partners can build stores on top of AppUp--developers can submit a game once to AppUp, and get into a growing number of partner stores.  Current partners include Best Buy* (US retailer), Asus*, Dixon's* (UK retailer), and Chroma* (India retailer).

(* Other names may be claimed as the property of others)

With my own game "Twist Tac Toads" in the iPhone store (created on the side of my Intel job), I know first hand how hard it can be to get your game seen.  I'll address this visibility problem and how AppUp helps.

Because this talk is sponsored by Intel, I believe everyone can come, as long as they have any kind of GDC pass.

Here comes the full abstract.  What else do you want to hear?  It's not too late for me to change or add content based on your feedback.  I hope to see you there. 

The full abstract:

Business Track.

Title: Monetizing Games on Devices: Intel’s AppUp “Stores on store” model

Session Description:

Examine the critical choices that developers make to successfully use app stores. Explore how you can build your application once and make money with minimal efforts on multiple devices, including >70,000,000 netbooks as well as laptops and other form factors. Attendees will understand how to get an application into multiple AppUp stores in countries around the world quickly with a focus on validation and store economy. We’ll discuss application discoverability and marketing.  We’ll look at the MeeGo operating system and more.  Explore how to design & build games for Intel’s AppUp store, including the multiple runtimes supported.  A netbook will be given away to a lucky attendee!

Attendee Takeaway:

  • Learn which game companies are already distributing through AppUp, and why.
  • Learn how AppUp covers multiple operating systems, device form factors, and stores, all with one program.
  • Learn to solve typical app store problems for current developers including discoverability and profitability, and how AppUp offers solutions.

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in the financial/business side of game apps, devices such as tablets, phones, smart TVs and netbooks, and app stores.

 More about me & AppUp on the Intel Software Network:

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