Rise of Mobile Gaming: The start of revolutionary era of growth

Mobile games growth has been phenomenal in recent years, let's look at some factors responsible for this great rise of mobile games across the world.

With the new cutting edge technologies and advancements in mobile hardware and technology industry, Mobile gaming has become one of the most promising ventures in recent years.Last year mobile games were at the top of score board of gaming arena across different gaming platforms for generating maximum revenue beating it counterparts like pc and console gaming by 21.3% generating over $99 billion even when freemium gaming model was on all-time high.

mobile games rise Here I have come up to share my views on some factors which I think has led to the meteoric rise of mobile games in recent years. So without any further ado lets hop on them right below:

Easy accessibility

Gone are days when gaming enthusiast would have to get hooked to their PC screens for hours to play some good gaming title with great graphics, now gamers can easily play great multiplayer games from their mobile phones due to the fact that mobile phone with incredible performance has become cheaper and people are getting connected to the internet faster than ever, now every public library, cafes, airport has free Wi-Fi which allows them to play games over network easily. even if you are a non-gamer who plays games occasionally then also you can download your favorite titles for free and play some times on the go thus utilizing your commuting time in public transport for relaxing with games without getting in front of your PC.

Better Pricing models and funding

Let’s not forget that introduction of various gaming revenue models for developers and gaming studios like In Game ads, freemium model has led to the increase in number of downloads in app stores and reduction of mobile game hacks which were used by people earlier to get access to games and its in game items like coins etc. which has ultimately increased the revenue and confidence of gaming studios to motivate them for creating better games for people for free.

Moreover with the evolution of blockchain technology which lead to the launch of platforms like DMarket in November 2017 the monetization of games for studios has become much more rewarding and streamlined as with DMartket API's they can integrate and sell virtual gaming items like coins etc items from one spot to all platforms including pc, consoles, smartphones etc. and even in multiple games which gives developers an opportunity to work smart and fast and earn more per user.

The production cost of mobile games is yet another factor which can be considered for their immense success in recent times.Mobile games generally requires less intense coding and graphic even to make them appealing as the screen size is small and hardware is also not as powerful as a pc or console which allows developers to produce good quality games by writing less code and using less time ultimately decreasing the production cost when compared to console games and pc games which can sometimes even reach a staggering production cost of $50 million for some really high-end game .

Besides that these days Indie developers have also started crowd funding on platforms like Kickstarter ,Indiegogo etc. for getting funding for making their small games which I think is mutually beneficial for developers and players for making and playing better games respectively.

Innovation and Development

With new technologies like Augmented reality , virtual reality , Holographic displays, and much more gaming industry have not been left behind to adapt to these for better gaming experience for its players and they have started adopting it with a lot of love and grace. Take an example of Pokémon go augmented reality based game which was released last year on mobile platform and become fasting growing game with massive downloads leaving behind FB ,snap chat and many more apps in app stores in very short span of time after its release which was a clear indication that mobile gaming industry is ready to embrace the new gaming technologies for better experience and there after many studios have started working on making games with are much more feature rich and immersive .

The Rise of Mobile Games will become bigger

The real success of mobile gaming can be attributed to the factors like ease to acquire the game at cheap price or for free, better game play ,immersive graphics ,easy operation and handling and lot of choices to choose from and play the game of your choice to relax your mind by giving it some form of mental stimulation and diversion from work which would ultimately lead to better work performance with full alertness and productivity  in later hours of the day while doing the office work or something that requires your complete focus.

The factors discussed above have ultimately lead to the rise of mobile gaming collectively for a better tomorrow for gaming industry and players as a whole and with the fast innovations and Development I can’t see this stopping anytime soon which is great as we would be able to get better game play and much more immersive gaming experience as we move forward in next revolution of gaming

Let us know what all factors do you think has led to this phenomenal growth of mobile games in recent decades in comments down below.

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