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A brief rundown of the Resonate Total Gaming event in Glasgow last weekend and what Late Panda did while exhibiting.

We are back!

It’s been awhile since we have done a blog, with the run up to the Resonate Total Gaming Expo last weekend we didn’t have time to write any posts. That said I thought I would talk about the Resonate event this weekend in case you couldn’t make it out.



So in case you are not local to Glasgow or somehow didn’t hear about it, Resonate Total Gaming was a new festival of eSports and gaming at the SECC last weekend. The event featured Minecraft, Fifa, several eSports titles like Rocket League and Independent game studios like us showcasing their games.

In order to prepare to showcase at the event we met several times with the organisers to discuss what we needed to do in order to attend. We also got advice from other industry professionals to help us provide the best possible visitor experience at the expo without us having any prior knowledge of exhibiting.



Just prior to the event we were contacted by The Scottish Sun and interviewed about the Game industry’s growing impact in Scotland, as well as our attendance at the Resonate gaming expo. They published an article online with interviews from us and other game companies in Scotland as well as an article in the Wednesday Scottish Sun, which was a great experience for us. We were also contacted by BBC The Social who requested a live interview during Resonate lead by two YouTubers Silentc0re and MarleyThirteen. If you would like to see this video it can be found on their Facebook page here.



During the event the visitors played our pre-alpha to test the core features of the game, while we describe how the game will play once it is finished and what it will include. Afterwards we asked the players what they liked or disliked about the game, most of which believe the game had promise and would like to play the finished game, with one of the players even giving out a hi-five. If you want to stay updated on the progress of our development then stay tuned to our blogs or follow us on Facebook and Twitter below.



So what comes next for Late Panda?

Well we will be focusing on the development of our first release. It will include several characters and locations as well as creatures to battle. In order to reach this stage however we will need to focus on our development for the next few weeks. Keep up to date with our blog posts and you will see the game develop over time.



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