Nom Cat proves how close-knit the indie developer community really is

As a recently started gaming studio, we, Lucky Kat Studios, have reached out to well-known pixel artists in the community to create guest art for our upcoming mobile game Nom Cat. Against all our expectations, artists were ready to help us out.

For the past month we have been working like madmen on our first mobile iOS title, Nom Cat. It is an endless mobile arcade game where you have to feed cute cats with endless waves of fish. The gameplay is easy to understand, as you have to tap and hold to open the mouths of the cat to eat the fish. The more fish you eat, the higher the score. To make the game really challenging we have added bombs between the waves of fish. So, at all costs, avoid the bombs! You do no want the cute cats to explode, do you?


During the development of Nom Cat we thought it would be awesome to add unlockable cat characters. The cat characters, which are priced in goldfish, can be unlocked by eating and collecting goldfish or can be bought directly as an in-app purchase. For Nom Cat, we have developed 22 cat characters based on the main character.


In one our meetings we were talking about how cool it would be to have guest art in our game by fellow pixel artists. As a young, unknown recently started gaming studio you can guess the first thoughts we had “nah, they will never do it. And if they would help us out, they are gonna ask big money for it”. But then again, since we are a young company, we have nothing to lose, right? We have decided to just go for it.


So, we made a list of artists we would like to work with and sent them an humble email asking if they would be interested in doing some guest art. Against all our expectations, the replies were coming in, and they were all….positive! Unbelievable. It’s a heartwarming feeling that most artists understand the position we are in and are willing to help us out. We cannot wait to show you their as well as ours!


All I can say is that this story proves how close-knit the indie development community really is. We can only move forward when we help each other out.


Nom Cat is set to be released mid April 2015 for iOS. 

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