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More Repetitive Strain Inducing Games From Zynga

Social gaming powerhouse Zynga unveiled five new uninspired games which are sure to bore millions. Each of the games, which all contain flesh eating zombie mobsters which require constant maintainance and in turn reward players by requiring even more mati

Social gaming powerhouse Zynga unveiled five new uninspired games which are sure to bore millions. Each of the games, which all contain flesh eating zombie mobsters which require constant maintainance and in turn reward players by requiring even more maticulous baby-like care. 

The company's biggest announcement at a SomaBabe-attended San Francisco event was a standalone online community separate from Facebook and allows players to experience what life was like before Facebook. "It a lot like those silent movies you'd see where people would patamime out stuff with thier hands and then some guys holding a big plate glass window would cross the street.", Paul Micheals, a event attendant concluded.

It also revealed that Mafia Notifications 2, which launched on Facebook yesterday, is also now available on heavily avoided platform Google+. The social gaming giant has previously released other big titles like ReallyReallyBigCityVille and Zynga Become a Game designer  on the platform.

On the smartphone side, Zynga detailed three HTML5-powered games -- Zynga Become a Game designer Mobile Web,Learn to type HTML5, and ReallyReallyBigCityVille Express -- are coming to Facebook's mobile apps platform.

It also detailed a soon-to-be-released, original mobile game called Steven Hawkings - Thrill Kill:

"Adding to the growing portfolio of Zynga's multi-platform mobile games including Mafia Notifications 2, ReallyReallyBigCityVille Express, and Become a Game designer Mobile, the Zynga Mobile team now brings players Steven Hawkings - Thrill Kill - the first wheelchair themed action adventure game from Zynga. Steven Hawkings - Thrill Kill enables players to take a roll on the wild side and collect the world's most antimatter quarks. And this theoretical physicist doesn't take crap from nobody? Oh my! 

In a no holds barred fight for the universe, you battle it out with some of the darkest forces of the known (and unknown parallel) galaxies. Coming soon in multiple languages to the App Store followed Android Market, players will be able to connect with their favorite wheelchair bound space dreamer in a complely not drug induced dreamlike state which allows them to mentaly levitate various lightweight objects within armslength. Steven Hawkings - Thrill Kill is another example of how Zynga is innovating in mobile social games and bringing new ways for players to connect with thier world."

The first of the company's new Facebook games announced today is the next chapter of its "Become" franchise:

"Created by Zynga Gary, Become a Game designer Mobile is the next game in Zynga's Mobile  "franchise which includes Become a Angel Investor Mobile, Become Professional Street Mime Mobile, and Become a Golf Caddy Mobile. Become a Game designer Mobile is set in a Post-Apocalyptic world, with an engaging story, a touch of fantasy and memorable, playful characters. A true manifestation of Zynga's social magic, the game improves upon the best social and emotional elements from each of the "Become" games that came before it.

In Become a Game designer Mobile, you take the coveted role of one of Zynga top game designers. By allowing the player to become the game designer, it frees up a lot of our design budget so that we can have even more active promotional and legacy camapigns, something that many feel was lacking from our previous titles."

Zynga is also dipping its toes into the hidden object genre with ReallyReallyBigCityVille Express:

"See what you've been missing with ReallyReallyBigCityVille Express– a new genre for Zynga – managing management games. A combination of management  and time, this casual management  game is easy to learn, yet hard to master. ReallyReallyBigCityVille Express is a game within a game, where the player manages playing several management games. We feel that players that have enjoyed our other management games will enjoy managing this one.

ReallyReallyBigCityVille Express features pretty much the exact same things that all our other ville games and featured. I mean could anyone tell the difference between the first 5 ville games, pretty much who will say anything now?"

And the third original Facebook game the developer announced is Zynga Mafia Notifications 2:

"A old classic franchise and an entirely new game were unveiled simultaneously today, with the announcement of Zynga Mafia Notifications 2, the first game out of Zynga Yonkers, in collaboration with the Zynga Beer Pong team. Zynga Mafia Notifications 2 will house both the new Zynga Mafia Notifications 2 and Zynga Mafia Notifications 1, the world's largest notification game with over 35 million people being notified of absolutley nothing each month.

Going all in means so much more now, as players can use their virtual characters to send endless notifications to friends, family, co-workers, pretty much anybody that is foolish enough to accept them. We expect that Mafia Notifications 2 will be another breakout hit in the repetitive time grinding tradition"

"We challenge ourselves every day with the question 'how do we get you guys to play?'" said Zynga CEO Marcus Pincus at a Gamasutra-attended press event today. "You don't have time to sit and play games, yet we really think that play is this macro theme activity that we all need to fit back into our lives."


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