Mobile App Industry Benchmarks for Week Ending Sep 13

Ever wonder how your mobile game KPIs perform vs industry benchmarks? Each week we release “Mobile App Industry Benchmarks” to uncover your performance vs competitors and see KPIs like CTR, CPM, CPC, CPI, IPM, Conv%, country breakdowns, and more.


  • Overall CPM rates crested mid-August, dipped between August 16-31, rose again from September 1-7, and flattened out the past 7 days. Much of the CPM rise from August 16-31 can be attributed to Puzzle, Card, and Simulation game genres.
  • CPM by Geo – since peaking mid-August, overall MAI CPMs in the United States have stabilized whereas other key Geos, CA, DE, ES, FR, UK, have continued their CPM climbs into September.

countries cpm

  • CPM by Genre
    • Casual Games: $16.00 – up 16.2% from two weeks ago $13.77
      • Casual games continue their upward trend over the past 4 weeks CPM.
    • Simulation Games: $13.99 – down a massive 41.5% from two weeks ago $23.93
      • Exceptional relief for the genre, now at the lowest mark since late July.
    • Adventure Games: $29.79 – up 29.4% from two weeks ago $23.02
      • After two weeks of stability in the sub-$25 range, Adventure now spikes to near $30 and stands alone as the highest CPMs of all Gaming Categories.
    • Word Games: $14.23 – down 6.7% from two weeks ago $15.26
      • Word Games maintaining stability since mid-August with a continued CPM decline over the past two weeks.
    • Puzzle Games: $23.00 – up 16.9% from two weeks ago $19.67
      • Although stable the past 7 days, Puzzle games continue their upward streak in CPM and take the overall 2nd place slot away from Simulation games.
    • Card Games: $9.17 – up 9.2% from two weeks ago $8.40
      • After an eye-watering 80% increase in mid-August, Card games have mostly stabilized the past three weeks with a slight increase in the month of September.


  • Overall CTR touched the highest point of the year in the first week of September at 0.95% then pulling back to 0.90% in week two. Much of the CPI increase can be attributed to IT, DE, and FR traffic.


  • CPIs continue to spike, now breaking through the $30 mark at $30.69. CPI in Italy is at a 4x increase since late July. While the US, Germany, and Spain remain relatively stable, CPIs are markedly up in Canada and the UK over the past two weeks.


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