Microsoft says original Crackdown 3 dev no longer working on the game

Reagent Games has gone dark after Microsoft Studios confirms that the creator of the Crackdown franchise is no longer involved in the game's development.

It looks as though Reagent Games is no longer involved in the development of Crackdown 3, as the studio has seemed to go entirely quiet after news that creator of the franchise Dave Jones is not on the project anymore.  

As reported by Polygon, attempts to reach out to Reagent Games have gone unanswered, prompting concern over the current state of the studio. The company's Twitter page has been silent since 2017 and its official website can no longer be accessed. 

Founder of Reagent Games Dave Jones left the studio at the beginning of 2018 to join Epic Games as director of cloud strategy after his other company, Cloudgine, was acquired.

Head of Microsoft Studios Matt Booty confirmed to Polygon that the company cut its partnership with both Jones and Reagent Games, explaining that they're only working with Sumo Digital on Crackdown 3 now. 

Booty coulnd't confirm or deny Cloudgine's status of involvement on Crackdown 3, as Cloudgine technology was used as a big selling point for the game's multiplayer features. He did however, confirm that the online multiplayer mode remains in development.

Cloudgine has stated that it's still working on Crackdown 3, with the company still listing the game on its website. When asked what Jones' departure meant for Cloudgine, Booty told Polygon he didn't want to "get into the actual technical breakdown."

Epic Games’s PR team reportedly denied requests for an interview with Jones when contacted about Cloudgine's acquisition earlier this year, and Jones has yet to say anything publicly about the silence over at Reagent Games.

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