Looking for inspiration? Here are some great ways for gamers to give back

Read about how you can get involved in charity work and still pursue your passion for gaming!

As an industry, gaming can be exciting, ever-changing and extremely intense: with a market comprising consumers of all ages, it has an extremely broad demographic to cater to. However, it can also be remarkably generous, with fans, gamers and gaming companies often going out of their way to raise money for charitable causes. Whether it’s through sponsoring specific events or by donating to specific charities that focus specifically on the gaming industry.

If you’re a gamer looking to get involved, why not check out these charities?

Special Effect

This UK charity is all about helping people with disabilities to play video games. Using technology that spans the range from modified joypads to eye-control, the aim of the charity is to get children playing, bring family and friends together and increase confidence, rehabilitation and even help with therapy. With a team of assessors to make sure children are comfortable, and developers who can develop new software to help the children, the treatment is free, so the charity is heavily reliant on donations to succeed- which many companies, including Amiqus, the gaming recruitment company, contribute to (for a better look at this check out this blog here).

Extra Life

Extra Life is one for the hardcore gamers: a twenty-four hour long video gaming marathon that attracts gamers from all around the world. With the aim of raising money to help sick and injured children get the attention and care that they need, the charity has raised more than $40 million since it was launched in 2008. With over 100,000 people participating in every event, it’s easy to sign up and play from home, and take part in the marathon on the game of your choice. You even get achievement badges for how much money you’ve raised, and you can unlock gaming goodies as you fundraise.

Games Done Quick                                                                

Are you one of those gamers who eschew day-long gaming sessions and prefer quick and easy games that can be played in a matter of hours? Then Games Done Quick is definitely for you: they hold events once or twice a year where keen gamers can volunteer to run or play games that watchers and attendees can bid on. The event hosts several challenges that are funded via donations, from having runners attempt difficult challenges, competing to name characters, or even engaging in bid wars against other gamers. Many gaming companies and other charities also take part; it’s fun, it’s inclusive and it’s a great way of raising money for excellent (and ever-changing) causes.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a gaming store with a difference. Raising money for charity is at the heart of everything they do, and 10% of everything they sell goes to charity. Though the charity featured changes every month, they’ve helped raise $118 million so far for everything from Save the Children to the WWF. This doesn't even require any extra effort: only that you shop smart.

What do you think? Have I left any out? Why not comment below!

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