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Leveraging Your Local Library to Levelup Your IndieDev

My local library is one of the greatest tools for leveling up all my IndieDev skills. Here are 5 ways I use it.

Library Budget

I felt terribly far behind when I first started learning about being a Video Game Developer.

All my knowledge through college focused on Aeronautical Engineering.  After that, my Infantry Officer life after College taught me how to engage the enemies of my country, but not create skills for running a business and making games.

Not wanting to spend the next 4 years getting an MBA, I decided to start learning on my own.

Young Library Experiences

When I was in Middle School, I spent time helping out at the school library.  I can remember the kind, quiet nature of the librarians, but also the vast amounts of books that the library held.

I admit, I didn't spend much time reading up on factual books at that time, and mostly spent the time catching up on the years of Peanuts, Garfield, and Calvin and Hobbes, which were all published before I was old enough to read.

Older Library Experiences

Fast forwarding about 20 years, there I was fresh out of the Army.  I spent some money purchasing development books for programming and modeling which after about 3, came out to $100 (see them here).

I knew while my wife finished her time in the military, that if we were going to survive financially when she got out, we needed to start penny pinching now.

So I started seeing if the business books recommended on The Personal MBA, were held at my local base's library.  What I didn't realize at the time, was that libraries across the military inter-loan with each other, and upon exiting the military, I learned that the local public libraries do as well.

As my thirst for knowledge increased, so did the diversity of books.  I started requesting Art Books, Marketing Books, Books of Faith, and even a very obscure technical book for programming Voronoi Diagrams.

5 Reasons to use Your Local Library

Having used my local library extensively over the past two years, here's the benefits I've taken advantage of:

  • Free Books - It's free.  Really.  It's crazy.  The minds of geniuses all for free.
  • Free Audio Books - Going on a long card ride or a plane flight?  Put that CD player to use, and get some books for the road
  • Free Deadlines - I quickly found that compared to books that I bought, the books that needed to be returned in two weeks, were read faster when there was a deadline
  • Free Creativity - Just like when I was a kid, I rent Comic Books to catch up on the lives of Marvel and DC Comics.  I also request the books I find my audience likes from my marketing analysis.
  • Free Family Books - In addition to my gains, my 16 month old daughter is also learning to love books.  Her seeing me read books encourages her and our local library has a kids section full of new toys and pillows to play with.

Free Resources are Free

I honestly believe this is one of the best sources for educating myself, and is right up there with the internet.

If you have a suggestion for a book that I can borrow from my local library to level up my education, post it in the comments!

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