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Kliuless #63: The Loyalty Economy

Each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I publish broadly. Opinions are mine.

Kliuless? Gaming Industry Insights #63

Hi, my name is Kenny Liu, and each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I publish broadly. Opinions are mine.

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  • HBR: The Loyalty Economy
    • [KL: Recommend reading section titled "How to Value a Company by Analyzing Its Customers"]
    • "Using customer metrics to assess a firm’s underlying value [...] is called customer-based corporate valuation (CBCV). This approach is driving a meaningful shift away from the common but dangerous mindset of 'growth at all costs' toward revenue durability and unit economics—and bringing a much higher degree of precision, accountability, and diagnostic value to the new loyalty economy"
    • "The premise behind CBCV is simple. Most traditional financial-valuation methods require quarterly financial projections, most notably of revenue. Recognizing that every dollar of revenue comes from a customer who makes a purchase, CBCV exploits basic accounting principles to make revenue projections from the bottom up instead of from the top down. Although this may seem like a radical departure from traditional frameworks, that’s not the case: CBCV simply brings more focus to how individual customer behavior drives the top line"
  • HBR: The New Analytics of Culture
  • The Year In Numbers 2019


  • How Trico Was Animated
  • The Outer Worlds interview: Crafting a corporate dystopia
  • Expect "seven or eight" Dungeons & Dragons games in the near future
    • Related: Dark Alliance is a new D&D action-RPG starring Drizzt Do’Urden and the Companions of the Hall
  • 30 little touches in The Witcher 3 that show its amazing attention to detail

Cross-Platform / Multi-Platform

  • Portraits of Roblox: The view from the platform
  • Google buys triple-A game dev Typhoon Studio to beef up Stadia
  • Facebook acquires Spanish cloud video gaming company PlayGiga
  • Tencent soft-launches its Start cloud gaming service in China with handful of PC titles

PC / Console

  • Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s next console, launching holiday 2020
    • Opinion: Microsoft has admitted defeat in the console wars and just built a PC
  • PlayStation 5 gets Godfall looter-slasher from Gearbox Publishing
  • Amazon Games’ New World open world MMO arrives in May 2020
  • Riot Games' publishing label expands LoL universe with two new games
  • Embracer Group acquires Little Nightmares dev Tarsier Studios for $10.5m


  • App Annie: Mobile Highlights of 2019
  • App Annie: A Look Back At the Top Apps & Games of the Decade
  • Animoca Brands acquires Power Rangers: Legacy Wars developer nWay for $7.7mm

XR: AR / MR / VR

  • Snapchat Cameos edit your face into videos
  • High Fidelity lays off half of staff, pulls plug on open-source VR platform
  • Pokémon Go’s Buddy Update brings a new way to play with your monsters
  • The Information: To Control Its Destiny, Facebook Bets Big on [VR & AR] Hardware
  • WP: This virtual reality dining experience is trippy — and might be the future of restaurants
  • BBC: Getting VR to mainstream audiences: what we learnt from our partnership with local libraries

Esports & Influencers

  • Esports platform secures $25 million in funding
  • Fortnite lost 28% of its viewership hours on Twitch in 2019
  • Twitch sued for £2.1bn over Premier League by Russian firm
  • Tencent-Backed Global Esports Federation Formed in Singapore
  • Shroud's U.S. audience on Mixer is one-third of what it was on Twitch
  • EA & Respawn unveil Apex Legends Global Series esports competition with $3mm in prizes
  • WSJ: China’s Influencers Hawk Their Wares on Live Streams



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