Klang Games nets additional funding for its SpatialOS-powered MMO, Seed

Along with the cash infusion, Klang Games has brought a Harvard Law professor into the development fold to help craft the in-game political structure fueling Seed's multiplayer landscape.

The Berlin-based developer Klang Games has secured additional funding to power the creation of its AI-driven strategy MMO, Seed. The undisclosed amount comes way of Greylock Partners’ Discovery Fund, David Helgason of Unity, and the investor Joi Ito.

Along with the fresh funding, Klang has also tapped activist and Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig to come aboard. In his new role, Lessig will help craft the in-game political structure that powers the colonization and civilization management efforts set to fuel Seed's multiplayer, online world.

Klang’s project is also notable both for the fact that it is being created through a partnership with Improbable and because it is one of the games that makes use of the company’s SpatialOS platform. That tool seeks to ease the process of creating and maintaining large, persistent online worlds and is also being used to power Bossa Studios’ Worlds Adrift.

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