Is a Crowdfunding Campaign the right option for your game?

here we discuss how you can crowdfund your game for its production and success when you don't have the initial capital for its production and marketing.

Expert or not, starting a new project is always clouded with risks. Before investing a substantial amount of capital into a new project, it is recommended that you look for virtually risk-free ways to test it out to the public.

Crowdfunding qualifies as one of these ways. It allows artists, musicians, and developers to raise funds online. It is a good place to start especially if you lack the funds for research, production expansion, and marketing.  With the right exposure, the money raised could even exceed the set targets!

Is it a good idea for my game?

Some websites like GameLaunched, Fig, and Gogetfunding focus solely on game promotions. As their popularity grows, it becomes difficult to attract attention for one’s own campaign. You wouldn’t expect to just throw in your game out into the public and watch the cash flow in almost instantly.

Frankly speaking, however, trying out these platforms is a good option for any game developer. The abundance of social activity in these platforms is almost an assured way of securing a zealous fan-base necessary for kick-starting your gaming project.  With adequate planning, absolute commitment, and unwavering patience, success is almost assured.

Perks of running a crowdfunding campaign for your game

The following are advantages that you gain after embarking on a crowdfunding campaign for your game:

  • Free advertising

Putting up a campaign on a crowdfunding website is free and yes, it is a form of advertising. Many people just peruse these sites looking for projects that might interest them. Your fans will also put in a good word for you in their social circles.

  • Unwavering loyalty

The end result of a successful crowdfunding campaign is a loyal fan-base. You can be sure that these people, together with their resources, are tied to you for the success of your game. Knowing that other people’s resources are tied to your success also works as motivation.

  • Financing

This basically is the main reason for a crowdfunding campaign. A successful one ensures that the costs associated with the launch of your game are taken care of.

Successful crowdfunding- what is required?

As the project initiator, you need to select a platform that presents to you just the right crowd for raising funds. The platform must have success evaluation techniques put in place and should also be free from any barriers such as those arising from different modes of payment.

Most importantly, work on your pitch. If you are not good with words, then the first thing should be to hire a professional to work on your pitch. You want something that suggests “serious investing”. Anything that suggests “begging” for funds should be avoided.


As decorated as it might seem, crowdfunding does have its drawbacks.

Over 75% of projects are approved on top crowdfunding sites. However, not all of them are listed. Projects that get listed must display a clear understanding of the concept and presentation must come out strongly. Using crowdfunding as a last resort for your game is a bad idea!

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