Intern's Log: Week 2.2

Industry reflection, this time on EA buying PopCap


Love em or Hate em, EA knows when a business should join them.  PopCap has some long lasting, addictive, and fun small games that people love to buy or play for free.  EA has been acquiring high performing companies across genres for quite a while now, and PopCap is no exception.  For $750 million dollars, PopCap was clearly no cheap sale but with their massive collection I can see how bringing this juggernaut on board will help them seriously break into a more casual market.


From the sound of the articles around about it, it seems like EA is trying to make the transition smooth for the employees so that they can keep on trucking.  Hopefully, this indicates that EA is looking for a long-haul scenario with PopCap and not just trying to have a Clash of the Casual Titans.  Or they could be trying to make World of Peggle, a next-gen casual MMO... you never know.   I know I'll be watching to see what sort of plan unfolds with this new team-up.

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