How to setup a presskit page

This post will teach you what presskit is, and what is required to set one up.


What is Presskit? In a nutshell it is a press page; used by the press to learn everything there is to know about your game, all stored on one page with images, videos, contact info, social media links, etc.

You might be wondering why write a blog post about presskit? Finding all the requirement to setup presskit were very time consuming, and I couldn’t find any resources online that were helpful. As a result I decided to write a blog post to help anybody looking to setup a presskit site.

If you are planning to use github pages to setup presskit, well you are out of luck. github does not support php, thus you won’t be able to run the presskit install.php file. 


  • Domain account with hosting features (we are using Namecheap)

    • Cost: $9.88/yr, Renewal price: $38.88/yr

    • Comes with: 20GB Cloud storage

    • Unlimited bandwidth

    • Up to 3 websites

    • This is more than you will ever need for a basic website with presskit, but there are other options that offer larger disk space, and more websites you can host.


  • FTP Client (we are using FileZilla)

    • Namecheap provides great instructions on their website for the initial setup under their support tab.


  • cPanel account, is included with the purchase of the domain name from Namecheap.

    • cPanel offers their own FTP features within their site. This make it easy to perform small updates to your site by editing the index.html, or the data.xml file for presskit directly within the cPanel browser tab. It also allows you to upload small files. If you are planning to make major updates to your .html, or .xml files, I would recommend using Sublime Text (Mac/Windows/Ubuntu), or Notepad++ (Windows). To transfer a large number of files/make frequent updates, then I would recommend using FileZilla.


  • Namecheap Private Email DNS records for domains hosted with Namecheap, which is included in the purchase of your domain.

    • There is an initial setup that you must complete in order for you to use your domain for your private email. Instructions are included in their support site. (They offer live chat with a technician; very helpful) 

Once you have all the requirements completed, then you are ready to set up presskit. Simply place the install.php file in your public_html folder and type the link to your domain as follows to start the installation process: ;(do this in another browser tab). The instructions from presskit ask that you make a press folder and place the install.php file in it, but I found that you can skip this step for the initial setup as I had some issues with this step. After the installation is complete go back to your public_html folder and create a folder called "press" and place all the presskit files within this folder (to help distinguish between presskit files, and your website files.)

The presskit installation procedures are very well written, so just follow them and you should be fine. Here is the one I made for our game: Numbo Jumbo’s presskit site

Direct link to dopresskit’s site

Please email me with any questions: [email protected]

Good luck!


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