HexGameStudio, my indie game studio

Introduce my indie game studio, HexGameStudio.

First, I'm going to introduce my studio: HexGameStudio. 

I've started my company to do art outsourcing in game industry.  I've got several good friends helped a lot on it.  So, at the first two years, with their help, my business has been getting better and better.

But doing art outsourcing is not my main purpose to open the company, it is making games.  During my childhood, I had been Fascinated by video games, such as "Three Kingdoms" made by KOEI, "Uncharted Waters" by KOEI and DND games.  Especially, "Eye of the Beholder 2 - The Legend of Darkmoon", "Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos" and "Might And Magic VI" (not heroes).  Those games are too amazing to be forgotten.  So I went to game industry as soon as I graduated from school and got a job as a programmer.  I've been working in game industry for alomst 20 years till now.  I'll write more about the 20 years experience in other blog.

At the beginning, I've got only 2 artists working for me and the studio had a 730 ft² small room.  Now I've got 12 artists (some of them are working in art outsourcing), 2 designers and a room with1700 ft².  The progress is good in these two years.

This is my desk:

This is my fish tank:

This is play room, now we are playing board game Descent:

And they are my crew:

I'll talk about my first game in next blog, thanks guy!

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