Grudge Match Sports: Only the Beginning

Grudge Match Sports: The Beginning tells the story of how Grudge Match is evolving from a TV show to an eSport. This blog will give you context on how to put together an integrated, cross-channel, interactive eSport brand.

Rich here…I’m taking a television show I created in 1991 called The Grudge Match and developing an eSport around it.  Grudge Match Sports will include a mobile game, streaming platform, and television show.  This blog will be about the process of building an eSport.  Here's was the first thing I wrote to interest people and companies about bringing Grudge Match back:

Designed to harness the power of television and leverage a nonstop digital platform of game challenges & competitions, Grudge Match combines the best of gaming with the raw energy & emotion of sweet revenge.  Two people who have a dispute, and want to settle their differences can compete in a fantasy mobile/console game, or in physical reality played out -- on television -- before a live audience.

The original Grudge Match was very popular, and consistently won the 18-49 demo in its time period.  Here’s the New York Times Review.  Most people did not know what to make of two people fighting over simple disputes or seeking revenge in a boxing ring.  I originally sold the idea as a cross between The People’s Court and World Championship Boxing.  The new Grudge Match will feature real people with real grudges – amateurs – fighting with weapons and hand-to-hand combat.  In between matches, we are going to showcase 2-3 video game competitions featuring our best gamers.  The TV show will be live and air on a national sports network.  I’m putting together the deal now.  The TV shows will also be streamed on Grudge Match Universe, a cross between Steam and Twitch.

There are several things that make Grudge Match different than any other eSport.  Grudge Match is built around a simple premise, personal justice or revenge.  Each Grudge Match is only 4 minutes versus an hour or two commitment.  Grudge Match is initially for individuals, and not teams.  In my next blog, I will start at the beginning of the idea, and take you through our upcoming soft launch.  Grudge Match Sports officially launches summer 2015.  Take a look at our Grudge Match TV show promo.

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