Game Subscriptions: How It Helps in Targeting More Audiences and Increasing Revenues

Know how you can get more game subscription that help you to reach out targeted audiences and generate more revenue for your business.


Monetization through mobile applications is becoming common. With the increase in mobile app development, users are shifting towards increased app usage and it has benefited the gaming industry the most. Provide users with a simple game that can help them pass their free time and voila! It can become famous if users love it. However, turning your simple gaming app into a great tool to earn more revenues is made easier with app subscriptions.

Games: Third Most Popular Category of Applications on App Stores

According to research by Newzoo alongside Activision and Blizzard, gaming applications are the third most popular category that gets faster downloads than any other and owns presence on almost every smartphone device existing. According to Statista, mobile app revenues reached over 365 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and is estimated to reach 935 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. And also, the 40 billion U.S. Dollars of revenue (2018) was earned by top gaming developers.

There are many ways to earn revenue from the application you have developed for users. However, app subscription is one of the most popular aspects that can actually significantly increase your revenue. Read further to understand how app subscriptions can change your simple gaming app to a great revenue-earning one.

App Subscriptions: An Old Concept Presented with Newer Approaches

Game subscriptions have been there in the market before for years. The PC and console games always let the users pass after subscription and this has caused a great change and has influenced the profits earned from the game development. However, defining something new is always required in this rapidly changing industry and so you should give a newer and fresh look and feel to the traditional subscription method. 

Game Subscriptions: Get Increased Retention Rate

Game subscription concept is increasingly becoming popular. One of the main reasons behind happening so is the increased retention rate. Game developers who have adapted to game subscriptions have observed a great increase in retention and it encourages others to start implementing the same. Also, it brings you an increase in revenues and therefore, why deny it?

The game subscription works on a simple concept. It gives the user a small piece from the pie every time. Instead of serving and eating a whole pie, you can obviously save on and eat a piece every day which gives greater satisfaction than eating it entirely and it happens the same in the case of subscriptions!

Game Subscription Designs: Choose What Suits the Best

Choosing a subscription can benefit you more as it differs from in-app purchases totally. While the in-app purchase is intended to give complete access to a game after the user pays, the subscription has more exciting things to offer. There are many designs using which you can put up the subscription in your gaming app and earn revenues with improving the user experience.

1. Access through Subscription
Design the subscriptions in a manner that your users find it more convenient. The most basic way to design the subscription is to give access to certain features and functions of the app for the in-app subscribers. This includes access to special tournaments, early-access to updates, first play chance for newer updates in the story and many more. This excites your users and influences them to subscribe to access the exclusive privileges you provide to in-app subscribers.

2. Step-By-Step Access
The access to your app can be redefined with subscriptions. Instead of providing users with every function and feature unlock, you can do that in a scheduled manner and require subscriptions accordingly. Inspiring users to unlock greater levels and better features of the game, you can set access through subscriptions to follow a path and inspire users to continue subscribing for more. This increases your app revenue significantly and also, lets your user enjoy the delicious pieces of your pie and gives greater user satisfaction!

3. Evolution of Privileges
Divide the subscription scheme into layers. Let your users unlock and reach the maximum level where everything offered is different from others. Whether that is app experience, gaming strategy, story, content, and anything that can be made great from the previous one. This evolution of privileges and access tends to thrill the gamers and influence them to subscribe for more. Voila! You increased your revenues with users subscribing for more. Try to offer more on subscription base and interest your app users to evolve their experience and gaming level with subscribing each time.

Important Aspects Supporting Your Revenue Increase

subscription requires you to convince your users for more. It needs you to create a demand among gamers to subscribe to unlock more. However, this not only relates to your game content, but it also relates to the approach used. There are many challenges to face and by overcoming those, the game application of yours can become the revenue-earner for you.

Approach Matters

Whether you are targeting a pro gamer or a beginner, how you approach them to subscribe for more matters. The UX designed for specifically notifying them of subscription requirements must be designed carefully. Also, the player must know when they are in standard or advanced mode. Using appropriate color schemes, you can help them understand the difference as switching to standard from advanced brings out total game change and interests them to subscribe for the excellent gaming interface and functions you offer.

When to Ask

It is advisable to ask your players for the subscription when there is something big coming on your game application and see how they react to also analyze if your event is successful in generating enough buzz around it or not. Asking for subscriptions at the right time is extremely necessary to ensure engagement and better player retention for playing further levels on your app.

Customer Support

What if your customer has subscribed for greater levels of your game app but is not satisfied with the content you offer? This can lead to app uninstalls and a significant reduction in retention rate. In order to ensure your customers are provided with the best services, you should consider asking or arranging frequent reviews around subscriptions to know what your game users are thinking and provide them with facilities accordingly. 

Free Trials and Discounted Subscriptions

Initially, to encourage users to download and subscribe to the game app you have built, it is advisable to offer free trials and discounted subscriptions for a limited period to encourage them to explore what your app solution is capable of providing. Every business and application present in the market has tested this strategy and it surely works. For example, the app like uber solutions offer free services and discounted prices for a certain time period and earn users for them and the similar way, your developed games can be made popular with a little discount and free trials added.

Frequent Updates

The choices of customers keep on changing frequently. Therefore, to keep on providing them with newer and better content, it is advisable for you to understand the customer choices and keep updating the app content to challenge them more and keep your app users' interest intact. This needs to be done with extreme caution as too many updates can result in uninstalls and if not done appropriately, can cost you a reduction in the number of users. Either way, all you need to do is ensure your app update is given only when necessary and it has been tested for bugs to ensure no mistakes are persisting in the existing solution.

Final Notes

Choosing between in-app purchases and game subscriptions totally depends on you. Understanding the users' mindset and your business requirements, you can choose the one that suits you the best. The above-given subscription designs can be implemented in your gaming app to ensure maximized revenue earning and increased customer satisfaction through excellent app features included.

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