First Steam Machines to show at CES in 2014

The Verge has confirmed that the first consumer-tailored Steam Machines will be on display at Las Vegas's Consumer Electronics Show in January 2014, with boxes reaching retail by middle of next year.
You can expect a first look at Valve's Steam Machines at the Consumer Electronics Show this coming January. First announced in September, Valve's Steam Machines are intended as a line of hardware blending the performance of PCs with the accessibility of a living room console, and are expected to be made available under multiple hardware specs via several manufacturers. Valve's Steam Controller, meanwhile, is expected to be manufactured and distributed by Valve directly. Now, as part of its recent hands-on look with the hardware, The Verge has confirmed that Valve will be showcasing the first of its consumer-tailored Steam Machines, along with the first volley of games destined for the Linux-based SteamOS, at the Las Vegas-based CES running between January 7th and 10th, 2014. You can learn more about the show here. Beyond CES, Valve will also be hosting its first developers conference in January, and expects to have several Steam Machines with different hardware specifications available to consumers by mid-2014. Prototype boxes with specifications identical or similar to specs we reported in early October are due out to beta testers by the end of 2013. Further reading: -Watch Valve's Steam Controller in action -Select game developers used the Steam Controller. Here's what they said -Steam Controller hands-on, from Super Meat Boy's Tommy Refenes -Ask Gamasutra: The future of Steam in the living room

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