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Allow me to gripe and groan about the state of the modern day expo. I can honestly say, "I just don't get it." But maybe you guys can help me understand the manufactured hype around E3?

Isaiah Taylor, Blogger

June 13, 2010

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Let Me Get This Straight. As A Form Of Exemplary Entertainment We're Going To Showcase The Power Of Our Mighty Gaming Culture, By Showcasing The Physical Accomplishments Of The Cirque? Failing To See A Connection

To start, I should acknowledge that my lack of enthusiasm for this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo ... expo, is a notion that has been long felt by veteran goers. So please excuse me if I am both late to the party and if these sobering words pelt your wall of hype for an event I have never attended and, at this point, never hope to attend.

For enthusiasts, this year's E3 expo has all the makings of possible surprise and at the very least comedy. If last year was any indicator of gaming's biggest expo [magnitude-wise] then my Daria-esque attitude to the spectacle shouldn't be surprising at all. What I suspect my problem is with our current generation and the expensive expos that come with, is our need to know everything. Technology has spoiled us rotten.

Now expos have individual company expos before the big expo [cue Jim Gaffigan joke]. This doesn't strike anyone as a tad redundant? I understand that preventative measures must be taken in order to avoid leaks and actually surprise the fans. This idea of "winning the show" hasn't gotten old yet?

Here We See Ravi Drums 'Trying' With Reckless Abandon To Demonstrate The Power Of Wii Music.

Prediction: This year's E3 expo will have several demos requiring you, the gamer, to move around in front of a camera. Be sure to listen to the PR spokesperson, they are there to encourage you and to make sure you don't unknowingly crash the build the team rushed in order to meet the expo deadline. I also predict presidents and game producers selling us on a generation we are actively participating in. There will be foot-in-mouth moments, there will be more Ravi Drums and if we are lucky we may hear a "Ridge Racer!" quotable.

I wasn't always like this -- not all the way at least. When my insider tipped me off to a Slim 360, HD Wii and Rez 2 being announced at this year's E3, I thought, "Wow, shouldn't I be chomping at the bit to spread this news about?" There lied the problem for me. I didn't care. Well in terms of this news being juiced out of a million dollar light show that is E3.

Had this been a press release one week, something a bit more subdued, that is when I get excited for these 'big announcements'. I guess I'm officially a spoiled sport. Trust me, there are plenty of big announcements that will be had at this year's E3, don't let those little nuggets earlier detract from what I'm sure will be an auspicious show.

Remember The Good Ole Days Of E3? When All You Need Was A Smelly Nerd With An Energy Drink And 'Booth Companions' Of [Insert Game Company Here] To Show You The True Spirit Of E3?

I'm glad that E3 has returned to -- or is trying to -- return to its former glory. I like reading the enthusiastic posts about why 'Announcement X' is going to change the way we see gaming ... in the future. I would have loved to have been surprised by Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat at this year's expo, but they were purposely leaked prior to the festivities. Hopefully, I've primed myself to be surprised and wrong about everything I've written here, but I really don't see my attitude changing.

Prediction: We will see Microsoft and Sony continue to ape the Wii's success with motion controlled gimmicks. We will see the Nintendo Wii take the plunge into HD and hopefully, in doing so, spur sales again for their dust collecting console. The handheld market will always remain a mystery to me. Handheld consoles like: iPhone, DS and PSP strike me as either a viable platform for people who can't afford to the ridiculously expensive consoles of this generation, but still want to play creative games. Otherwise handheld consoles represent a kind of gaming community regression. The gamer becomes further detached from society and more in tune with digital downloads and light showers every three to four days. 

To each his/her own, but let's take a look at these announcements as if they weren't attached to this expo. Are they interesting? Would this be a story or news item you would typically skip over had it not been masqueraded in a storm of hot tips juggled by Cirque Du Soleil? Here's hoping this year's E3 isn't what I've painted it to be.

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