Creating an eSport Is Not Easy

What's been the process creating Grudge Match Sports?

Creating an eSport is not easy.  For the last 6 months, I've focused almost exclusively on putting together Grudge Match eSports, which will include a video game, streaming platform, and television show.  In 1991, I produced Grudge Match, which was a reality show that pitted two people who had a dispute into a ring where they could settle their differences.  Think a cross between Judge Judy & Boxing.  The show was successful, got picked up after 26 episodes, but the distribution company imploded.  I had already sold another show so I did not look back.  Cut to the present.  I've been in interactive television/advertising & new media for about 4 years, and part of this experience has been working with game developers to create games that tied to commercial advertising.  I became hooked on the game business.  I'd been familiar with eSports for about 2 years, and then one day -- during a very long FOX conference call -- I saw the Grudge Match placard on the wall, and had a eureka moment.  I realized that Grudge Match could be the perfect eSport vehice.  It has a simple premise of revenge & getting even.  Figuring out who do build various elements of Grudge Match was not difficult.  I've been fortunate to meet some incredibly talented people.  I met Dave Young -- who is building the game -- through a failed Kickstarter campaign to launch a "Customize A Game" platform.  He is an amazing game developer and person.  Very creative.  He took over the reins of creating & building the game.  Kai Zeh -- who will be building our streaming platform -- I met through one of my interactive partners, and putting together the TV show -- I knew the creative people & elements I wanted involved.  We are going to launch a Kickstarter soon as the first step in the commercialization of our game.  Putting together a Kickstarter is not simple...even for a media vet.  First one must write the campaign (we rewrote ours 12-15 times), then produce a video, and finally figure out an affordable media marketing plan.  Our Kickstarter is for the game only.  I wrote our investor deck and produced an investor video.  Last week, I met with several savvy investors & financial guys to review my material.  The first thing I learned is that no one over 35 knew what an eSport was, and it was very difficult to explain my concept.  Once they understood, they truly got it.  I then approached game company executives I knew.  All of them had different philosophical takes on eSports.  What I learned is that eSports is no different than launching a TV show or movie.  No one realy knows what's going to work.  I took constructive criticism, and polished our investor material.  Within a week, our Grudge Match Kickstarter will launch and I'll be out soliciting investors.  It's going to be an interesting journey.   Either the public will accept Grudge Match or it won't.  On any given day, I'm trying to lock down 15-20 Grudge Match Sports structural issues.  Today I signed the trademark paperwork for the game & streaming platform (I already have one for the TV show), figured out how the Grudge Match rules & governing body work, defined the thresholds for semi-pro & pro sponsorships, and so on.  As I said, creating an eSport is not easy, but it's been a lot of fun.  Go Grudge Match Sports! 

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