Canada's new Start-up Visa Program

We run a designated new business incubator company for the Start-up Visa program with Citizenship & Immigration Canada. Offices in Vancouver and Whistler. We have a game development lab in Van for developers keen on starting a new business in Canada.

Canada's New Start-up Visa Program for Game Development Entrepreneurs

Canada has a new visa program designed to attract foreign entrepreneurs to come to Canada to start new business ventures. The Start-up Visa is currently the fastest Canadian immigration program - qualified high potential entrepreneurs & general business people can receive their permanent resident visas in 2.5 to 5 months.  Here’s a link to a Canadian gov’t news release published recently:

We run a designated new business incubator for the Start-up Visa program with Citizenship & Immigration Canada. Our offices are in Vancouver and Whistler.  We've been designated & tasked by Citizenship & Immigration Canada to incubate or actively work with high potential, high net-worth entrepreneurs from around the world who want to start a business in Canada and who fit the requirements for Canada's Start-up Visa.

We recently started a game development lab in Vancouver. 

Our challenge is connecting with appropriate international game development pros who want to come to Canada and start a new game venture with us. These new ventures fit the mandate of the new start-up visa program here in Canada.  

If you or someone in your network might be interested in learning more about this we would be happy to provide a detailed briefing. 

Here is a link to the Canadian government site about this program with a listing of our company Empowered Startups:  Click on Designated Business Incubators link.


Empowered Startups- Vancouver/Whistler 

[email protected]

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