APB - A New Subscription model

APB or "All Points Bulletin" by Realtime Worlds has what they call a flexible subscription system, and option to pay to "opt-out" on in game audio advertisement.
I took a look at this game but I'm not going to talk about the game in general, I would rather look into some of the billing options they have in place. 
First off it looks like a micro transaction system on the outside, but points you purchase can be transferred into game time or monthly unlimited blocks.  
RTW (Reatime Worlds) posted on there site and in other interviews that this system was designed to provide some flexibility, but from what I see, that flexibility is going to cost you. 

Game points can be purchased in lot of:

200 for $4.99

400 for $9.99

600 for $14.99

1400 for $34.99

2600 for $64.99

You have to use the points to buy your choice of subscription time, but its not as price flexible as there telling us on the forums.

Reedeming points is as follows:

20Hrs = 280 points

30 days = 400 points

90 days = 1140 points

180 Days = 2160 points

If you cant afford the the $9.99 your out of luck, $4.99 will not get you enough points to buy the smallest block of game time. Even the option for 600 would only get you 30 days, with points left over... your only choice to break even on points is the $9.99 option. 
There will be other items that you can buy in the game using those points, but it will be player created content, and based on the fact that this content can also be traded with in game currencies, the perceived value of the RTW currency will have more value over the ingame cash market.

Items and player created content in the form of "decals" can be sold using both currency forms, even the ingame "cash" can be sold for points. There is no "crafting" system in this game, all you need to do is make multiple copies of what ever is in your inventory and place it up for sale.


APB has included a VOIP option in the game, but this is a 3rd party program, and its being treated as a seprate entity. The VOIP program is managed by Vivox, and Vivox has inserted 30 second, audio advertisments in the game that only pop up about once every 3 hours. Because RTW is treating the VIOP sysem as a seprate entity, you would need to spend extra points to recieve "premimum" service that only disables the advertisments. As of now I do not know if you can "op out" of the advertisments just by deactivating the VOIP service.

This "tax" as I see it, for a service that RTW added into the game should have been factored into the main subscription fee. 

Alowing some 3rd party program to insert advertising into a game that people are already paying a subscription for, and RTW Taxing us "extra" to remove it seems unfair and greedy.

 In conclusion.. RTW's subscription system looks simple on the surface, but they make you pay more in the long run, by having to purchae an "overflow" of points, and also charge you extra to remove advertising, that shouldn't be there in the first place. APB doesn't have a free to play model, while there is one area you can go to if you do not have any time left, you still have to shell out cash for the softare to use the "free zone"

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