AMD gives Cortex development a boost

AMD / ATI boost development and testing of Cortex with some hardware

     Most people are not cognitive of all the work that is required to develop a video game. Furthermore, most are less aware of the amount of work to develop an entire game development system with an engine core that can be customized and scaled for each game.

     That is the challenge that Neuron faces,  not only developing the Cortex game system for our games as well as other future game studios, but we must also think of the future releases.  When a game or game engine is in development, usually the target hardware is months and a lot of the times years from release.   That means that we have to develop our products and test them on the latest and greatest hardware as well as pre-production hardware. That way when the hardware is released, Neuron is supporting it. Unfortunately we can't show any pre-production hardware since all that is secret to those hardware manufactures.

     We would like to take the time to thank our hardware partners at AMD / ATI for helping us out with the testing and development of the Cortex game engine and Cortex related gaming products.  They have been very helpful in supplying us with much needed hardware to facilitate the development and testing of the Cortex engine. Below are some snapshots of the hottest graphics cards out that we recieved. AMD is sending us CPUs as well. Photos will likely be less exciting but not less impressive for our development efforts!

ATI / AMD 5xxx series Graphics cards

ATI / AMD 5970

ATI / AMD 5970 Back

Information for the ATI 5970 can be found here.

ATI / AMD 5870 Graphics card

Information for the ATI 5870 series can be found here.

ATI / AMD 5670 Graphics Card

We also recieved an ATI 5770 series but don't have a pic of it.  You can find the ATI 5770 Series with pic here though. Information for the ATI 5670 series can be found here.

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