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My name is Marc Anthony Rodriguez and I am the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of VoxPop Games, currently operating out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC.

Our Platform Team is looking for exciting Game Developers who would like to have their titles distributed on our new distribution and development platform.

Established in December 2018, VoxPop Games is an exciting peer-to-peer independent video games platform, designed to primarily benefit smaller independent game developers, Let's Players and Video Game Streaming personalities. 

What differentiates VoxPop from other platforms is our ambitious business model. Whenever users participate in activities that facilitates a game sale, they stand to make a small percentage of that sale as commission.

This not only provides a built-in way for games on the platform to have reciprocity from the Game Streaming Community and Let’s Players for their content and organic promotions, but it gives developers additional tools for marketing their games via adjusting incentive payouts.  

Currently, we have about 40+ Twitch Streamers affiliated as early Platform partner affiliates on our site and a slew of excited Independent Developers on-boarded gearing up for what VoxPop has to offer. 

(VoxPop Games Platform Teaser / IGDANYC - Partner)

We hope gamers and indie devs would want to give us a shot, as we are trying to make some waves across this vast Ocean of content and we are working our hardest to expand the Voice of some really amazing game artistry and design.  

We urge everyone who is interested to join the discussion with our #VoxPopGames Community on Discord: & Sign Up for access to our Platform BETA LAUNCH on 4.20.2020:

Many of our Dev Platform Partners are already there, as well as some interested gamers and of course our Platform affiliate streamers.

As VoxPop expands in the coming months, we plan to issue RFPs to independent studios to aid and fund potential VoxPop Games Platform exclusive titles to host for 4 to 6 months on VoxPop before going wider to other additional platforms for revenue.

We will also be featuring Exclusive VoxPop Games Platform Titles, developed completely internally and ONLY available on VoxPop!

We have been participating in developer events all across the country, gaming conferences, Podcasts, and developer communities such as the IGDA NYC chapter has partnered with us will help get the word out about VoxPop Games.

Links to the Just Joshing' Podcast Featuring VoxPop Games CEO&COO

Latest Podcast with GamerDelPhia

Gamers have a voice, and we hear them loud and clear!


Connect with us:

Twitter: @VoxPopGames
IG: VoxPopGames


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