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4A Games is handing the Metro Exodus SDK over to players

The Ukrainian studio also detailed how the Russian invasion continues to impact the lives of its employees.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

January 25, 2023

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A screenshot of the Exodus SDK

Ukrainian studio 4A Games is releasing the SKD for Metro Exodus so players can create standalone content.

The developer claims the Exodus SKD will facilitate more than "simple mod support," and will let players tinker with the full game editor as it was the day the studio released Metro Exodus.

"We’ve integrated Mod.io support, so it’s really easy to manage and share your content. If you also know visual script, our Visual Script Editor leaves the doors wide open with possibilities, so get creative," wrote the studio.

"Along with some tutorial levels and as an example of a fully featured, shipped level, we’ve included a full unpacked Metro Exodus sandbox level for you to tear apart using our tools. Feel yourself a 4A Games team member—we've provided you with everything our Designers, Artists, and Animators have access to."

4A said the SDK will be available to anybody that owns Metro Exodus or Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, and noted that players won't be able to use it for commercial purposes—which includes locking content behind a paywall or selling anything made in the SKD.

"We're not looking to enter the engine licensing business, this is purely something meant for the community, and we hope you get inspired to create some really wild things," added the studio.

"We've been building this engine since the studio opened in 2005, and it’s seen a lot of iteration and improvement over the years. It’s still not perfect, and we continue developing it daily, but we’re really proud of our team's efforts and we hope that you’ll enjoy getting your hands dirty with it."

The realities of war

4A also wrote candidly about the realities of developing video games in Ukraine, which has become a war zone after being invaded by Russia with support from Belarus at the beginning of 2022.

The studio revealed the vast majority of its team is Ukrainian, and that most of those employees have been working from the Kyiv office or their homes in the city and other parts of the country.

It explained that "everyone has been affected" by the war, and said that some staff have lost homes to bombings, while others have joined the Armed Forces in a bid to defend Ukraine.

"Colleagues, friends, families have been injured. A number have lost their lives. Though, there is one thing Ukraine is not short of right now—it’s our heroes: those who protect our country at the fronts, those who help them, and those who against all odds work with passion and fierce dedication to keep our projects going and support the country's economy," wrote the studio.

4A said it continues to provide financial and logistical support to employees based in Kyiv and beyond, who have all been doing their part to aid others in the country by making donations, delivering medical supplies and food, volunteering, and more.

"Life has got far more difficult lately—sometimes the office in Kyiv is unreachable, and power and water can be a luxury. But regardless of all these circumstances, we continue to work, and work hard. 4A Games was founded in hardship and adversity, and our culture has taught us the true value of dedication, perseverance, and hope," continued the post.

"This may be a bleak read for some but rest assured—the spirit and resolve in the team, as well as across Ukraine, remains strong as always."

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