Grand Theft Auto V remains a powerhouse in Take-Two's earnings

Despite launching over three years ago, Grand Theft Auto V continues to be one of Take-Two's top-earning games in its 2017 first-quarter results.

Take-Two Interactive released its first-quarter earnings for the first fiscal year of 2017 today, covering the three month period from April 1st to June 30th 2016. 

The results are mostly positive, with Take-Two’s GAAP revenue crossing $311.6 million, compared to $275.3 million from the same period last year. In a press release, Take-Two says Battleborn, Grand Theft Auto V, its multiplayer mode Grand Theft Auto Online, and NBA 2K16 were the games that contributed most to that increase in earnings. 

It’s a decent sign for Battleborn, Gearbox's "hero shooter" that launched on May 3rd but saw its retail price drop rapidly in the weeks after -- right around the time Blizzard launched potential competitor Overwatch. Take-Two, however, hasn’t provided any sales numbers for Battleborn in this earnings report.

At the same time, Grand Theft Auto V's continued presence in Take-Two’s financials shows just how dominant the games’ sales are in contributing to overall revenue three years after it was released. 

Take-Two also reports that it continues to operate at a loss; this quarter it's a loss of $38 million, narrower than last year’s $67 million loss for the same quarter. 

The company’s second quarter ends on September 30th 2016, and the company is expecting to earn between $375 and $425 million in revenue and $31 to $45 million in profits during that quarter, due in part to the impending September release of NBA 2K17.

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