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Welcome to Gamasutra Blogs! 

Welcome to Gamasutra Blogs. We've put together a brief summary of our plans and goals with this new section of the site, as well as some handy guidelines for prospective bloggers. Get in on the ground floor!

EDITOR'S NOTE, May 2013: This blog post is outdated. You can always find the latest version of Gamasutra's blog guidelines HERE


Welcome to Gamasutra Blogs. Here, we hope to showcase interesting and useful writing about games, game development, and the game business, straight from our core audience -- developers.

With our more than 600,000 monthly unique readers, we believe Gamasutra Blogs can be a great place to spread your thoughts about our industry to the people who work in it every day.

Anyone who makes games and has a free Gamasutra account can start a Member Blog immediately, but please note this feature is intended for those actively making games.

Please use common sense when posting, and follow these simple guidelines:

1. Gamasutra Blogs are intended solely for articles about game development by and for game developers. That means professionals, garage developers, and students -- as long as all your posts are about the art and business of making games.

2. Feel free to repost content from your own personal weblog, and note that Gamasutra makes no claim to ownership of user-submitted materials. We just want to highlight great writing about gamemaking. That said, you may not post material you did not write, or that you do not have full permission to reprint. Also, please no teaser-link posts -- reprint your blog post in its entirety.

3. While the Gamasutra staff will be monitoring content posted to the blogs, please refrain from posting inappropriate content that will later be removed. Use your best judgment, and please steer clear of pornographic images or excessive profanity; the line should be pretty clear in most cases! In addition, we would ask that your blog does not wholly advertise products or services at the exclusivity of anything else. Our goal is absolutely not to modify or censor material, but illegal or highly objectional content will be necessarily excised.

4. Feel free to format your posts, but don't make them too visually outrageous -- too many colors and font sizes will just make things harder to read!

In addition to the Member Blogs, we have a group of Expert Bloggers, professional developers who post regularly, write informatively, and can draw on a wealth of real-world development experience.

The Expert Bloggers section of the site is currently comprised of a number of developers we already know, but we will be adding more as we get requests from developers wishing to contribute -- or as we begin to notice standout bloggers among the Member Blogs.

By combining Gamasutra's existing position as the leading game development news source with the many industry insiders already publishing their own thoughts about development, we believe Gamasutra Blogs will help open new lines of communication and discussion among the community. Please consider helping us achieve that goal!

Chris Remo
[Editor-at-Large, Gamasutra.]  


EDITOR'S NOTE, May 2013: This blog post is outdated. You can always find the latest version of Gamasutra's blog guidelines HERE

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